Xtar WP2 Lithium-Ion Charger (double bay) - $27.50

Lightweight, simple, good lookin', fills batteries with electricity...what more do you need?
  • 1A or .5A charge rate
  • US Wall Adapter
  • 4 Battery Spacers
  • Compatible with 18650, 14500, 10440, 16340, and 18350 li-ion batteries

If you believe "two is one and one is none."

The WPII is a 2 bay charger with a selectable charge rate of 1A for larger batteries and .5A for smaller batteries. I recommend using the 1A rate for batteries with more than 1000mAh of capacity. Use the .5A charge rate for anything smaller.

The WP2 has spring loaded contacts and included battery spacers to accomodate any Li-Ion battery from an 18650 to a 16340 size.

You can also set the selector switch to "0" and that will activate the USB port so you can plug in your phone or other USB accessory.


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