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Alpha bamboo fountain pen

First Kickstarter campaign of 2018. After my New Years "Nine Best of Instagram" post spat back 4 fountain pen posts of my top 9 of 2017 I figured the universe (and all of you) were telling me something. 

The result is what you see above: A fountain pen inside a re-designed Alpha body. The bamboo pays homage to the Reed Pen, the original “mother hen” of pens, which dates back thousands of years. It’s also inspired by a “bamboo finish” flashlight I made for my Dad many years ago.

You can learn a lot more about the pen and the project by clicking the image above or the link below. I hope you like it and if you do, please back it! There are a handful of early bird specials available to those who get there first.

Also, sharing the project with any friends or family who might be interested goes a long way. We makers live and die by our community getting the word out on new projects like this...

Thank you for your support!


Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen Kickstarter Page

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  • Xavier L. Simon: October 24, 2019

    1. I see you can change the whole nib assembly on the fountain pen. If you can make one for the larger Pelikan nib assembles I’ll buy one. I like brass.

    2. I used to buy FourSevens lights but had too many failures due to the back battery spring getting crushed. Fix that problem and I’ll come back.

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