RCR123A: High-Discharge (2pcs)



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RCR123A High Discharge Rechargeable (2pcs)

This battery is rated up to 5C (3.3A) Discharge 

WORKS WITH: Foursevens Mini/Turbo Lights (and other RCR123 lights)

Foursevens RCR123A batteries are sold in PAIRS (2pcs)

This rechargeable CR123A battery has the high discharge rate needed to power the new Mini Mk III's max output. Although it was developed specifically for use with our Mini Mk III flashlight, it is compatible with most devices designed to use RCR123A batteries.

PROTECTION CIRCUIT: These batteries contain a specialized electronic "protection circuit" for user safety. The prevents over charge, over discharge, over voltage, and under voltage conditions. 

RECHARGE EARLY AND OFTEN! Do not run these batteries until they are completely empty (when the light shuts off on its own). Doing so will trip the protection circuit and render the battery inoperable. The Foursevens Flex Charger and Xtar VC2/VC4 chargers are normally able to reactivate a tripped battery; however, this is not best practice and fully draining the battery causes long term damage to the cell. 

PLEASE NOTE: Exceeding the maximum voltage of your flashlight can cause permanent damage to the flashlight. Before using these batteries please ensure that your flashlight is rated for up to 4.2V per battery used.

Size RCR123 "High Discharge" - 16340 (16mm x 34mm)
Weight 1.0 Oz per cell
Terminal Type "Button Top"


3.7V Nominal (4.2V full charge)
Capacity 650 mAh
Service Life ~ 500 Cycles
Charge Retention 80% @ 6 Months
Maximum Discharge 3.3 Amps @ 5C
Electronic Protection Over charge, over discharge, over voltage, under voltage
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