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Meet the Delta, the latest light from Prometheus

Compact, powerful, awesome.

SPECIAL EDITIONS: first come, first serve

These lights are our opportunity to play around a little bit. The selection always changes and we may (or may not) ever produce a specific combination again.

Delta lights are assembled to order and may take up to two weeks to ship, depending on our current workload. 


Black Marble: Wabi Sabi is the Japanese tradition of imperfection. This finish was developed using our Alpha Pen Base Station. I attempted to achieve perfection by embracing the lack of it. This finish is our trademark Electroless Nickel plating over aluminum, 4 step ultrasonic cleaned, kiln dried, oxidized black, vibratory finished, and baked for 2 hours to harden the far my favorite finish to date...and by far the most labor intensive. We retain the luster of nickel, the contrast of darkness, and an imperfect finish that is unique to each and every light like a fingerprint. 

Burgess Finish - Titanium and Copper: The "Burgess" finish is named after our first customer to take home one of these beauties. How do we do it? Well, that's other words, secret ;) Suffice to say it's a complex finish and takes a lot of care to achieve this deep-matte effect. It's a real pain, so we don't do a lot of them! 

The Delta is our newest light and boasts the power of an Alpha in a smaller package.

I've taken my last 7 years of flashlight design and manufacturing experience and crammed it into the Delta flashlight. One major upgrade is our graphite thermal pad with about 5x thermal conductivity compared to pure copper! The exposed fins on the solid copper pill transfer heat directly to your hand and the environment instead of trapping it inside the light. 

Battery type is IMR 18350 ONLY. Standard lithium ion batteries (non-IMR chemistry) in any size CANNOT handle the 3.4A current drain. Using these batteries are DANGEROUS. Appropriate batteries can be purchased here

I've been working on this driver for over two years. It's simple, powerful, and full of features even the most demanding flashlight enthusiasts will appreciate. A maximum current of 3.4 Amps delivers class-leading power and an advanced software platform lets you make Icarus a reflection of your unique preferences by programming it any way you like...

This driver is 100% designed, programmed, and manufactured (in the USA) just for me. Until now, I've been limited by "what is available," but Icarus is the realization of a long standing goal. No expense is spared, no shortcuts taken, no compromise accepted. I'm proud to put the Prometheus stamp on this driver as the crowning jewel of the Alpha platform. 

LED Options: 

We are currently offering the following LED options: 

  1. Nichia 219C (4000K) ~850+ Lumens / 92+ CRI
  2. Nichia 219C (5000K) ~950+ Lumens / 92+ CRI
  3. Nichia 319A (4000K) ~950+ Lumens / 80+ CRI
  4. Nichia 319A (5000K) ~1100+ Lumens / 80+ CRI


The Delta is assembled with your choice of optical beam angle. The narrow optic will give you the most range and smallest hotspot. The wide optic will give broad flood of light over the entire beam, with a slight bias towards brightness in the center. 

  1. Narrow: 26 Degrees beam angle
  2. Medium: 33 Degrees beam angle
  3. Wide: 46 Degrees beam angle

Glow in the dark insert:  

You may choose to include (or omit) a glow insert around the LEDs. This insert is made from the highest quality glow material and is manufactured in-house. It's bright enough to be used as it's own light source for several minutes (in total darkness) after being charged by running the light on 100% power for a few seconds. 

Packages include things like accessories, maintenance tools, and replacement parts.

If you are looking for a gift, I suggest package #2 (the "Apprentice") which includes everything you need to get started.

Package 1: Light ONLY

This is pretty self explanatory. A good option if you already own 18350 batteries and a charger that you are happy with.

Package 2: Apprentice (+ $30.00)

Dominate the dark with the basic package: light + battery + charger

  • Delta Series light
  • 2x18350 Keeppower 1200 Batteries
  • Battery Case
  • Foursevens USB Flex Charger (Lithium-ion and NiMH)

Package 3: Journeyman (+$65.00)

Maintain your Delta like a pro and avoid buyer's remorse about your button color. Includes everything in the basic package, but you also get:

  • Maintenance kit (Nano-Oil + replacement o-rings)
  • O-ring removal tool with rubber grip
  • Three extra button colors of your choice
  • Switch Tool (Pronged tool to aid in removal of the switch and retaining ring. Machined in-house!)

Package 4: Master Package (+$75.00)

The full boat. A good friend once told me, "two is one and one is none." He was right, don't get caught in the dark. You get everything above, but you also get:

  • Spare UCL window (glass lens)
  • Spare McClicky tailcap switch

Apprentice Package

Journeyman Package

Master Package

All our lights are made in small volume to be functionally perfect, not cosmetically perfect.

A quick note about visual appearance...

Every custom flashlight is designed, machined, finished, assembled, and tested in my shop.

We use state of the art CNC machines, but a significant amount of hand finishing and assembly goes into each light. As a natural result, each light exhibits some cosmetic variation from one to another. Each light has its own character.

I do not intentionally remove "machining marks" from the lights because I like to retain some evidence of the process. I actually think machining marks are beautiful because they explain how the light was made. Each light has an experience and history even before it arrives in your mailbox, and some show it more than others.

During production, a light might receive a small nick, ding, or scuff. Aluminum is incredibly soft and it's very difficult to get a light through the dozens of manufacturing steps without a blemish of some sort. Sometimes a metal chip will get stuck between the part and the vise and leave a little dent. Even the paper transport cartons will scratch a polished or sand blasted finish before it's been plated.

When all the machining and finishing work is done, these lights are electroless nickel plated by a local plating company (sometimes dings occur here). This coating is extremely hard and wear resistant and will protect the light from now on, but at this stage any imperfections have been permanently "sealed" into the finish.

The point of all this is you should not expect to receive a light that is 100% cosmetically perfect. That's just not how low volume manufacturing works. If you can't accept this degree of uncertainty, you should stick with mass-produced brand ;).

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