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Upgrade your keychain with 304SS flat-ground split rings!

The photo above is against and "inch" ruler but the actual manufactured sizes are metric. These split rings look a little nicer than a round ring and are made from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. Normal split rings are chrome plated carbon steel. Eventually the plating wears off and they rust if you get them wet or live in a location with high we prefer stainless steel. 

Please Note: 304 stainless does not have the same "memory" as carbon steel and can become permanently deformed if opened too far. A bigger ring can open farther than a smaller ring. Do not open the ring farther than needed. If the ring looses its memory and will not spring opened it too far :) 


People ask for these all the time, so I thought I'd give in and sweeten the deal with two additional sizes.

25 mm (1.0") : The 25mm split ring is the same one used on the Beta QRv2 flashlight and the Kappa QR Keychain.

20 mm (0.8") : This is a good option if you want to slim down your carry or only have a few items that need to go on the ring.

15 mm (0.6") : This ring is small and QUITE difficult to open. You'll find it nearly impossible to pass anything greater than .125" or 3mm onto the ring without ruining the spring tension. This is great if you have a specific application where you need to attach 1 small item.

Secure your carry with a rust-free option! This is the same ring found on the Beta QRv2 and Kappa Quick Release.

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • flat-sides (cold forged)
  • 25mm / 20mm / 15mm
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