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This is not just "another" keychain flashlight!

Why own a keychain light?

Because dark sucks...especially when you need to see. A keychain lights is there when you need it, and you can forget it's there when you don't.

I know, I know. You've seen keychain flashlights before right? It's the kind of thing companies give you for free when you order a widget or open a bank account or something. The X-Light Micro scoffs at those keychain lights!

The Original:

LRI is the company that started the whole micro-light craze, and their products are 100% manufactured in the USA. These little lights are so good they (for real) sell them to the US military.

Neutral White LED:

One feature that makes the X-Light titanically better than it's competitor's (if you can call them competitors) is this tiny light sports a 4500K Neutral White LED. Most other manufacturers use a nasty blue 7000K-8000K LED...because it's cheaper. Trust me, you'll see the difference.

Micro-processor Multi-Level Output:

This little bugger also has a computer in it! Well, a computer chip at least, that provides a fully functional user interface to adjust the brightness and access safety modes like strobe (slow, medium, fast), an SOS mode, and a morse code "signal" mode. Try THAT other micro lights.

12 Hour Run Time on High:

Oh and in case you are in the dark for very long, it will run for 12 continuous hours on a fresh battery. I don't know how many lumens they put out but for such a tiny light it's friggin bright. More than enough to navigate down a dark path in the woods bright.

The glow effect has been "enhanced" by using a 15 second exposure. You should expect it to glow as well as other glow in the dark sutff that needs to be charged by bright light before it will glow.

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