Ledil Boom MC-S



Need to get some lumens down range?

Apparently the folks in Finland know a thing or two about LED optics.

One person described the beam produced by the Alpha MC18-B as, "the most perfect beam ever seen from a flashlight." I'll take that to the bank. To be fair, I'll have to give most of the credit to those Finns.

The Ledil Boom MC-S is a compact flood reflector. This is not a throw reflector. However, the smaller the LED die, the smaller the hot spot. A XML will throw about 30% further than the MCE in the same reflector. An XRE driven at half the current, will still throw as far as the MCE because the die 1/4 the size of the MCE.

When combined with a power LED, this reflector generate a massive wall of light with a balanced beam profile: 60/40 (hotspot/spill). The reflector is backed with an adhesive pad that is also easily removable if you don't need it.

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