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The current generation of Burnley SlingPops are machined in-house here at Prometheus Lights. I got special permission from Lucas to create an exclusive hex-digicam pattern inspired by the Prometheus logo. Only 25 pcs of each finish are available to date.

Both versions of this SlingPop are Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized (HAIII). One is "natural" and the other is dyed black. These are the only HAIII SlingPops that have ever been produced. A HAIII finish is thicker and more durable than Type II anodize. More detail below. 

Each SlingPop Includes:

  • Matching Photon Lanyard Bead
  • SlingPop with one band installed (natural ano/natural band & black ano/black band)
  • One spare band
  • 50 pcs of 5mm steel ball bearings
  • Hand-screened shop rag

Check out this link for more detailed information on the original BRNLY SlingPop Kickstarter project (here). If you want to learn more about the entire manufacturing process, click on the "updates" section once you land on the Kickstarter page.

Lucas was looking for a reliable crew to help out with his Kickstarter production and I was more than happy to help! I handled CAD/CAM, fixture/setup, and design for manufacturing; and Joe from Scout Leather Co. (link) headed up CNC operation, project management, and fulfillment.

After machining, each SlingPop is tumbled to deburr and smooth the surface. It is then glass bead blasted for a fine textured finish before being anodized. These special edition SlingPops are Type III Hard Anodized (HA-III) instead of the Type II anodize that is required if you want to dye them pretty colors. Basically natural (undyed) and black (dyed black) are the only two "good" colors available with HA-III. You can use other dyes, but because the base color is so dark, they come out very muted. If you see HA-III with bright colors, then you are NOT looking at a mil-spec HA-III, but a "marketing" HA-III.

The Hex-Digicam pattern is inspired by the Prometheus logo and is applied with an Epilog Fibermark laser engraver. It took hours of trial and error to get the settings dialed in, but the result is pretty awesome! Roll-over the image above to switch between HAIII Natural and HAIII Black images.

"Inspired by the lighthearted mischief of youth, the BRNLY SlingPop is a modern take on a classic childhood staple with a grown-up twist. Designed for your back pocket, the SlingPop combines the fun of a slingshot with the practicality of a “bar key” bottle opener." -BRNLY


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