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Dress up with titanium...

If you are like me, you like to personalize things. Pure titanium zipper pulls can add a custom touch to your otherwise mass produced goods. It's a suble way to make something uniquely yours.

Great for jackets, bags, luggage, and flashlights. Looking for an awesome and unexpected gift? Titanium zipper pulls!

See below for a bunch of sample shots of different colors and applications.


  • Each pull includes 1 set of o-rings (3pcs) and one length (12") of cord...
    • PayPal doesn't have good options for making complicated selections. Sooo, any order of 1, 3, or 6 pulls will all come with the same color o-rings and cord that you specified in your order.
  • If you want a variety of color combinations...
    • You can either add more sets of pulls...
    • Or you can add "extra" o-rings and cord to your order. Just scroll down and you'll see those options on the bottom right
    • Cord will come as a combined length, it will not be cut into separate 1 foot sections.
  • No substitutions for o-ring or cord colors (please!)
    • I'd love to accommodate every request but it gets very difficult and confusing. If you want more colors, please just add them as extras. Each set is only a dollar :)


  • Some assembly required

    You'll have to cut and tie the cord yourself :) Afterwards you can congratulate yourself on a job well done! If you aren't experienced with this sort of thing, please follow my recommendations below and you won't wind up scrapping more cord than needed.

    • To cut the cord to your "working length", take a candle or lighter flame and gently heat the casing of the cord BEFORE you make the cut. You want the casing lightly "toasted".
    • Now make your cut in the middle of the "toasted" area and this will prevent the ends of the cord from "mushrooming" out and becoming too large to pass through the hole in the zipper pull.
  • Tying on a zipper pull will require more cord that you think it will.

Trust me. I almost always cut the cord too short the first time. I suggest using 8-10 inches of cord (more than needed) and trimming off the excess after you tie the knot...rather than trying to guess at the correct length and cutting it first.

    • Thread the cord through the zipper
    • Slip the pull onto the cord
    • Take both strands together and tie a single overhand knot, keep it loose
    • Adjust the position of the knot on the cord as desired, and then pull tight
    • Trim off the excess cord close to the knot
    • Heat freshly cut ends with flame to seal and prevent fraying
    • Pull on the zipper pull to "seat" the knot inside the body of the pull
    • HOLD THE CORD, NOT THE ZIPPER, WHEN SEATING THE PULL. If you just yank on it without holding the cord, you may break your zipper. You've been warned :)


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