7mil Face Shield Covers


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Face Shield Covers: 


  1. We believe 7mil thickness is fine, but you can order 10mil sheets if 7mil is not available. 10mil is more expensive. 
  2. You can punch your own sheets with a standard 3 hole punch. Your office probably has one. If not...Amazon. 
  3. can pre-punch your sheets for $8.00 but it may delay shipping by a day. 

After many discussions with several suppliers and considering all the options, I believe you should order directly from . 

We will NOT be stocking sheets in-house at Prometheus. 

I've spent almost two weeks reseraching and making test orders from various suppliers and boiled it down to two options below.  

SURGICAL CLARITY (first choice) :

Click here for 7mil covers (100 pack un-punched / PET) $37.17 (SKU: TC7HT8.5X11S)

  • For surgical applications where visual acuity is paramount
  • For lengthy procedures where you will spend a lot of time looking through the shield.  
  • Hands down, the best performing option.  

PROCEDURE CLARITY (second choice) : 

Click here for 7mil covers (100 pack un-punched / PVC) $39.49 (SKU: GBC2000036P)

Click here for 7mil covers (100 pack un-punched / PVC) $31.49 (SKU: GBC2000036P)

  • For general/diagnostic procedures where visual ccuity is not critical
  • For short procedures where you won't spend a lot of time on a single patient
  • This shield does cause come eye strain if you need to stare through it for a long time. Some hazing around the edges of objects.   

NOTES: the information below was provided by 

  1. You can order blank sheets OR you can request to have pre-punch them.
  2. Punching will delay your order shipment by about a day (according to their rep). 
  3. Covers are ONLY sold in 100 packs
  4. Orders placed before 11AM (Pacific Time) can ship same-day if you are buying blank sheets (not custom punched).


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