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Hey Prometheans! We have a handful of fobs left over from the group-buy. These are first come first serve and will not be restocked. Generally GR does not sell through dealers, but they agreed to let us make our excess available to our customers. 

What is a Tritium fob? 

The tritium vial is a self-powered light source that doesn’t require batteries or an outside charge to glow. Tritium is commonly used in watches, gun sights, exit signs, and a range of other applications that require visibility in low light. The glow allows you to find your essential items in dimly lit settings such as a glove compartment, a dark room, under a couch, or in a go-bag.

Fobs can be placed on your keychain, used as lanyard beads, or even as zipper pulls. Put them anywhere you have trouble locating something in the dark.

Unlike most tritium EDC products on the market, the 3x15mm tritium vial is already installed in the fob. No need to source/install it yourself. 

What is Tritium?

Tritium is a radioactive gas that is produced during nuclear power generation. It has several industrial uses, but is commonly used to "power" glass vials coated on the inside with a glowing phosphor layer. The radioactivity bombards the phosphor and causes it to glow. Tritium has a half-life of 12 years, meaning after 12 years the glow will be 1/2 as bright. 

Wait, radioactive?! Yes, but the beta radiation is so weak that it can't pass through your skin, or even a sheet of paper. The glass vial is additionally armored by a thick polycarbonate tube, the same material used in some bullet proof glass. If *somehow* the vial breaks, the amount of tritium gas inside is negligible. One reason Glow Rhino was awarded a license to install tritium in this device is because it meets engineering safety standards.   


    1. Black Nitride Steel
    2. Natural Titanium

    Tritium Colors (3mm x 15mm vials):

    1. Green (the brightest)
    2. Blue (the coolest)  

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