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This is the shield holder only: 

After extensive investigation I believe it's best to source your own transparent shield covers. Read the section below for more information. 

Sourcing your own shield covers: 

You can purchase your own covers directly from (right now), or if you need large quantities of refills in the future. Please see the links at the bottom of our shield cover page that will take you directly to the correct products on their site. 

More than likely any "report cover" will work so you can purchase them from different sources or try to find them locally; however, clarity can vary quite a bit. I've personally vetted the two options I'm recommending. You'll also need a 3 hole punch, or pay extra to have punch them. 

We are providing these shield holders to medical professionals for $5. This covers only the cost of raw materials, not labor. Once the design is validated I will provide the design files to the public so anyone can print this shield holder.  

Please only order what you need immediately. We are moving our entire supply every day, so I want to make sure those who need it most have access. 

If holders are out of stock, sign up for a stock notification and you'll get an email when we put more on the site. Our production capacity on our single printer is 12 units every 24 hours. 

The honor system

These shields are for medical professionals only. They are NOT for civilian use.

If you are a civilian and buy one, that means some medical professional is not getting the equipment they need. Medical professionals include doctors, nurses, Fire & Safety, dental, etc. 

NOTES on the Prometheus shield holder: 

These are printed in-house on our Markforged MKII 3D printer. Our capacity is only 12 shield holders per day but our printer is running 24/7

Holder Material: Nylon with chopped carbon fiber
Strap Material: 1/8" bungee cord

  • Strap can be adjusted for size and you can trim off the excess if needed
  • Two hole design locks cord in place
  • Extremely light weight
  • NOT-STERILE - but can be sterilized


Compatible with cleaning products that include 0.5% bleach, 1.4% hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and isopropyl-based wipes. If possible, rinse with water after submerging in bleach solutions greater than 1%. UVC OK.

print your own prometheus shield:

  1. Click here for the STL file to print your own shield holders. 
  2. Click here for a PDF of the paperwork that should accompany the shield holder. 
  3. Click here for the McMaster Carr product page for 1/8" shock cord. 
  4. Check out the "shield cover" page for additional links and info on shield holders. 

There are A LOT of designs out there right now. I looked at all of them to create this design. Primary influences are shields by Markforged, USCF, and Prusa Research. I fixed all of the issues with those shields and optimized for the following: 

  1. Comfort
  2. Usability
  3. Print speed
  4. Part nesting
  5. Print stacking
  6. 3 hole punch compatibility
  7. assembly speed 

This design is also compatible with rubber bands if you don't happen to have a bunch of 1/8" bungee cord sitting around ;) 



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