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The new PB2S is a powerbank/charger that uses your own batteries: 16650/18650/21700 (batteries NOT included)

3 Amp wall adapter (US Plug) is NOT included. If you want the adapter, please add it via the drop down. 

The VC2S is mostly charger and partly powerbank. However, the stylin' PB2S featured here is mostly powerbank and partly charger. This is an outstanding option for today's mobile warrior...who is also a power hungry flashlight nerd. 

Honestly, I'm not really a powerbank user, but because this can double as a charger and powerbank...and takes my most common flashlight batteries, this thing doesn't leave my site and everything I have is juiced up. 

Here is my rundown:

  1. Choose your own batteries: The coolest thing about the PB2S is that you can use your own brand of 18650 or 21700 battery...and swap them out when your batteries are old and tired. No need to dispose of an entire device. That's just smart. The 16650 batteries from the Quark QK16L will also work in this unit. 
  2. Battery compatibility: Officially the PB2S works with 18650 (protected/unprotected) and 21700 (unprotected). The charger isn't long enough to accept a protected 21700 battery. However, I don't recommend (EVER) using any kind of unprotected battery...unless it's IMR. If you don't know what IMR batteries are, you should NOT be using unprotected batteries. I just want you to stay safe.  
  3. Give 'em both barrels: Two independent charge/discharge channels means you can mix two different sizes of battery without damaging them...during charge and discharge.  
  4. Dual channel output: The PB2S has a standard USB port and a USB-C port. You need to charge via the USB-C (cable included) but you can discharge from BOTH ports at the same time! Unheard of, I know. 
  5. Pass-through Mode: You can also charge the batteries via USB-C and output via the standard USB port in pass-through mode...meaning you are filling both the powerbank and your other device at the same time.
  6. Power Supply: A wall adapter is NOT included with the PB2s. Be advised, you can plug the PB2S into any USB port to initiate a charge; however, a standard USB port only delivers 500mA of current. If you put in 2 batteries the current (500mA) gets divided by 2. If you use the 3A USB wall adapter you can charge 2 batteries at up to 1500mA per channel.



Plug Type USB (2.1A)
Charging Channels 2 Independent Channels
Charge Current 2Ax1/1Ax2
Termination Voltage 4.2V +/- .05V (Li-Ion) / 1.4V +/- .1V (Ni-MH)
Charge Profile TC/CC/CV
Supported Batteries Li-Ion 3.7V / NiMH / Ni-CD (Can charge 2 different chemistry batteries at the same time)
Reverse Polarity Protection YES
PowerBank Can charge external devices via USB out when plugged into wall or with batteries installed in charger
PowerBank Output 1000mA
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