Xtar VC2 Charger (Li-Ion ONLY)


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The VC2 has 2 independent charging channels.

2 Amp wall adapter (US Plug) is NOT included. If you want the adapter, please add it via the drop down. 

Xtar chargers are top notch and the VC2 is a 6th generation charger. I searched high and low for the best value (performance + price) in a modern charger and this is it.

One question that always arises is, how full is my battery? You can check this with an external volt meter, but it's about time that we integrated this into the actual charger right!? The VC2 does that and more. 

The VC2 is ONLY for Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, it will not change NiMH batteries. 

Be advised, you can plug the VC2 into any USB port to initiate a charge; however, a standard USB port only delivers 500mA of current. This is enough to power one charging channel. If you put in 2 batteries the current (500mA) gets divided by 2. If you use the 2A USB wall adapter you can charge 2 batteries at 500mA per channel.


Plug Type USB (2.1A)
Charging Channels 2 Independent Channels
Charge Current 2Ax1/1Ax2
Termination Voltage 4.2V +/- .05V (Li-Ion) / 1.4V +/- .1V (Ni-MH)
Charge Profile TC/CC/CV
Supported Batteries Li-Ion 3.7V / NiMH / Ni-CD (Can charge 2 different chemistry batteries at the same time)
Reverse Polarity Protection YES
PowerBank Can charge external devices via USB out when plugged into wall or with batteries installed in charger
PowerBank Output 1000mA
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