Beta QRv2 Pocket Clip Set- $30.00

The best key chain flashlight...just got better!

One of the main reasons I wanted to switch over to the Beta QRv2 was so I could do THIS! Ta da! A pocket clip. Boom goes the dynamite.

I'm not sure there is a lot to talk about. Did I mention boom goes the dynamite? The clip holds securely but it does rotate. This is going to upset some people, but that's just the way it's got to be. I mean, come on, I made it pocket clip compatible...let's get excited about that part!

The Brass caps are machined 100% in-house. The bulk of the machining is done by my Haas ST10-Y lathe, but every part is returned to my 1977 Hardinge HLV-H manual lathe for finish machining on the cap-end to clean up the nub left by parting the cap from the bar stock (below). This also ensures perfect tail standing!

I have recently switched over to anodizing my Ti clips. This process uses electricity instead of heat to develop the oxide layer. This oxide layer refracts light at different wave lenths and can present different colors, kind of like oil on water. I offer two versions: Prometheus Blue (above left) and Faded (above right). I do not offer other colors, or custom colors at this time.

The only "trick" is actually getting the pocket clip back off once the cap is snapped in place.

The best way is to loop some cord around the clip and pull it off. Use finesse, not brute force. If you damage the clip it's not my fault.

  1. Grab the light and put one thumb on the clip like you are going to push it backwards off of the light...because that is what you are doing.
  2. Loop the cord around and pull on the cord at the same time you are pushing with your thumb.
  3. The clip (and cap) should pop right off. Now turn on your light and look under the couch for the brass cap.
  4. The key is that the cap must be pulled "straight" out of the light. If you only push with your thumb or only pull with the cord, you'll be pulling the brass cap to one side (not straight out) and the brass cap will say, "no thanks, I'm staying right here."

Of course I recommend (*shameless self promotion*) using one of my zipper pulls for this honorable duty, but you can use just about anything...if you must.

Oh and yes, it tailstands :)


The perfect companion for the Beta QRv2. Switch from keychain to pocket carry whenever the mood strikes.

  • Waterjet cut 6Al/4V Titainium (0.040" thick)
  • Fully tumbled finish = no sharp edges
  • Clip tip is flat and smooth = pocket friendly
  • Makes people like you (some people)
  • Did I mention titanium?

A "set" includes:

>> one brass cap
>> one Ti clip.

The clip is ONLY compatible with the newer Beta QRv2 and NOT with the Beta QRv1

What's Your Finish?

Custom Engraving ($15.00)

Add a personal engraving to your Beta QRv2 clip.

(fee is for engraving ONLY) 

Personalize (12 char max).

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