Dark Sucks

The world's finest lighting instruments, crafted without compromise, from my hands to yours.

REVIEWED @ Layman's Lights: by Dave Wise

"... this is actually my first experience with a [neutral white MCE] LED and I am suddenly finding myself understanding better what I have been missing....the Alpha emits such a pleasing flood of creamy warm light that I am wishing I had tried this sooner. " -- Layman's Lights

REVIEWED @ Every Day Commentary: Alpha Scores 19/20 !

"This is a staggeringly capable light. It is beautiful. It is easy to use. And for a first offering from a new maker, it is a testament to his skill and design chops, as well as how far the flashlight world has come in the past ten years. This is a great light and for just over $200 it is a very good deal." -- Every Day Commentary

REVIEWED @ Brown Safe Research Labs

"With one of the most powerful outputs we’ve ever seen, the Alpha makes the ideal, all-around flashlight...it’s much brighter than almost any flashlight in its size, and its style makes you feel like Sean Connery." -- Brown Safe

REVIEWED @ Candle Power Forums: by "TurboBB"

"The [Alpha] is a solid piece of old-fashioned hand-crafted goodness and quality-wise, is one of the best lights I’ve had the privilege of testing. It has been well-thought out, well-executed and where possible continually improved upon." -- TurboBB

REVIEWED @ Candle Power Forums: by "Bigmac 79"

" I'll say up front that the Alpha probably has the best quality feel to it of any light I've reviewed to date...This is one of the few lights that my wife isn't embarrassed for me to carry, because it looks so good. Jason has paid great attention to detail, and it's paid off in the Alpha. " -- Bigmac 79