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I created the Psi Earplugs because I couldn't find anything else good enough: 

best in class hearing protection that doesn't get lost: Let's get loud. 

Each pair of earplugs comes with one set of Comply S/M/L Canal Tips !!!

Feedback from our testers

-- "I am in the safety field and have taken several classes on the ear and hearing protection. These plugs are extremely comfortable and the tips are the best you can get."

-- "The denser foam was odd at first but it works well. I wear them around my neck all day and use them more than I did with disposables."

-- "It’s become part of my morning routine. Throw them around my neck and under my shirt in the AM and always had hearing protection whenever I needed. Great design with the magnets! Has yet to separate while on my neck and not in use."

-- "The cord is great for carrying around when I'm about to be and/or was just in a noisy environment, hands down better than anything I've used before."

--"I never mind paying more for a quality product. I have a dispenser of the foam plugs I supply to my crew, but when I need a pair in the field I never seem have a set on me. Or I end up with just one, really hate that! The ability to simply have yours around my neck is a game changer." 

-- "Small size, durable, very lightweight, prevents me from throwing away multiple foam pair per day."

-- "Love the magnet and cord. So nice not having to worry losing or dropping a plug, especially while outdoors. The earplugs are low profile in the ear compared to other plugs I've used."

-- "The magnetic attachment to each other is very very useful. When I’m not using them, I just clip them together on my neck and leave them there. They’re ready as soon as I need them."


Psi is the Greek letter commonly used in physics to to denote a wave function. Sound wave...get it?  

My main problem with earplugs is I'm constantly losing one half. Doesn't matter if they are cheap or expensive, if they don't stay together, they get lost. Not really convenient when you really need them. I don't like pouches/cases because it's not convenient. Being inside a pocket (and then inside a case) are barriers to just grabbing my plugs and putting them in. Barriers mean I don't always use them when I should. 

Sure, there are other corded earplugs (mostly cheapo ones) on the market but the cords are usually PVC and so springy that the plugs don't hang properly or stay tied. Tying earplugs is also way 2009. Lose another pair much?

The two biggest complaints about hearing protection -- Go ahead, google it, I did. 

  1. Losing Them: little things are easy to lose. It's even harder to keep track of pairs. You don't want to lose your earplugs because when you need them, you NEED them. #thereifixedit with some magnets and a string. I'm no genius, but I know what works. 
  2. Crappy foam tips: they can fall apart, they can be too hard. In developing the Psi Earplugs I tested nearly every brand/model a normal human can buy. The people were right, other foam tips tend to be terrible. If they are too hard they hurt. If they rebound too quickly, you can't even get them into your ears before they spring back open. If they rebound to slowly..well that's just annoying. 

      Included with your purchase: 

      1. One pair of earplugs in Titanium or Delrin
      2. 28" of cordage you'll need to cut/tie yourself. Don't worry, if you can tie your shoes you've got this.
      3. One pack of S/M/L Comply Foam "P Series" canal tips

          My solution isn't rocket science, it's good design:

          Machining: I'm a machinist with a titanium fetish, so of course I machined the first set out of 6Al/4V domestic Titanium. It's light weight and completely hypoallergenic. We are also making an even lighter weight Delrin thermoplastic version which is great for cold temperatures (less thermal conductivity) and non marring if you work around delicate stuff and can't afford to scratch it up. 

          Magnets: Small (but strong) neodymium magnets pressed into each half snap together smartly and stay put. Period. Your plugs will be right where you left them, around your neck. They are also super fun to play with. Fidget freely. 

          Cordage: We are using a premium 1mm micro cord that allows the cord to drape naturally (like it should) when wearing the plugs around your neck. It's not the fanciest solution, but it works the best. You tie each end with a simple overhand knot, slip it around the waist of the plug, and snug it down. It's easy to remove and you can cut the cord to the exact length that meets your needs. 

          Premium foam canal tips: Comply makes a special line for hearing protection (P Series) and that's what we are using. They are manufactured in the US (really) and making the best foam tips is their one and only goal. Some of the fanciest companies who make things you stuff in your ears spec these tips...because they are the best. I don't mess around, remember? ;)

          Maximum Noise Reduction
          With longer length than standard eartips, Canal Tips are engineered to create a custom, deep in-ear fit for maximum noise isolation. 

          All Day Comfort
          Made from unique breathable memory foam, Comply™ Canal Tips are activated by body heat, becoming ultra soft, reducing irritation and fatigue. Comply™ Foam is 30x softer than silicone material.

          Stay-In-Ear Fit
          The length and tapered design of the Comply™ Canal Tip allows for easy insertion and stability in the ear canal, providing in-ear retention to keep communication devices in place.

          Flexible Threaded Core
          Special tapered core is designed for deeper insertion into the ear canal. Elastomeric cores have a molded-in screw thread for secure attachment to the communication device and soft durometer for comfort.

          Notes worth reading: 

          1. All foam tips are consumable: meaning they wear out eventually. The more you use them, the faster they wear out. If you get them wet all the time (sweat or otherwise) they will break down faster. I use mine every day, and I replace them once...maybe twice a year. 
          2. Replacement Tips: We provide a 3 pack of S/M/L size tips. Once you figure out what you need, you can just buy 6 packs (12 tips) from the Comply website. We hope to carry individual sizes eventually, but right now we only have the variety pack. 
          3. Tip Sizing: Tips come in S/M/L. No one will tell you this, but you can increase the protection level by packing a larger tip into your ear canal, as long as it still fits properly. Conversely, if you need less protection, you can use a smaller size. The comply tips are incredibly compressible. So I use a medium tip most of the time, but I can get away with either small or large. You can't do this with harder foam tips. 
          4. Sound attenuation: 95% of attenuation is provided by the foam tips. The base material doesn't really matter...despite the claims made by other companies. Attenuation is related to the density of the foam and the length of foam the sound has to travel through. This is why smushing a bigger tip into your ear increases protection...only up to the point where they still fit properly. It's also why the P Series tips are twice as long as a normal foam tip. 
          5. Lab testing & Certification:
            NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) 29db NRR
            Testing Standard ANSI S3.19-1974
            Base Materials Domestic 6Al/4V Titanium or Delrin thermoplastic
            Magnets Neodymium N42
            Combined Weight (pair) xxxx
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