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Ruby Keychain Fob

Inspired by our ruby tipped spin tops, the Ruby Keychain Fob is part dress up and part fidget toy. Four 6mm ruby (corundum) spheres are held captive inside the machined body and are free to move back and forth. Available in brass and titanium with our Velvet finish.

Don't forget to check out the Xmas Edition in green anodized titanium. Quantities are very limited!

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    Ruby Keychain Fob
    Ruby Keychain Fob Ruby Keychain Fob Ruby Keychain Fob Ruby Keychain Fob Ruby Keychain Fob Ruby Keychain Fob
    Product Overview

    Most of our products are driven by an obsession to do a job well...but sometimes cool is an acceptable goal :) The Ruby Keychain Fob brings a little joy to your keychain. If you are the creative type you could even use it as a lanyard bead or a zipper pull. The package includes one 25mm and one 20mm stainless steel split ring, the same ones we use on our Kappa QR Keychains and Beta QR Flashlights.

    Product Details

    Sometimes we just like to have fun! Function is always at the top of my design requirements. This started as a side project for a Tritium fob, but we ran into some licensing issues and have not been able to get authorization to install tritium. Yes, of course we discussed selling empty fobs and letting you source your own vials. Suffice to say, it's more complicated than it sounds.

    Sometimes accidents happen...like champagne We were all sitting in a team meeting discussing for the 10th time what to do with all of the fobs we machined but couldn't do anything with. In a moment of inspiration Brandon went and filled one of the fobs with ruby balls that we use in our Lambda tops. It was a totally weird idea, but everyone at the table loved the result! It's hard to explain, but they just look and feel awesome; so we decided to move forward. The balls that we use in the tops were a little too small, so we set out to source a larger 6mm ball just for the fobs.

    Sometimes dynamic is right answer We also discussed whether the balls should be held solidly (static) or allowed to move around (dynamic). We tried both, and it was clear a little rattle seemed to make the whole idea work better. Who am I to argue with better? So we oped to leave the balls loose because it's more fun that way.

    included with your purchase
    * Ruby Keychain fob
    * 1 each 25mm/20mm split rings
    • material
      C360 Brass or 6Al4V (Grade 5) Titanium
    • Dimensions
      0.425" x 1.7"
    • Weight
      brass 0.5 Oz / titanium 0.3 Oz
    • where it's made
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