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Bock Fountain Pen Nibs

Nibs for your Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen: Keep a spare or try a different size. Founded in 1939, our nibs are manufactured by the world famous Peter Bock A.G. in Heidelberg Germany.

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Nib Size

    Bock Fountain Pen Nibs
    Bock Fountain Pen Nibs Bock Fountain Pen Nibs Bock Fountain Pen Nibs
    Product Overview

    The Bamboo Alpha Fountain Pen uses only the finest German nibs from Peter Bock A.G. Available in a variety of sizes, these 060 size stainless steel Bock nibs provide world-class quality and writing performance. Simply unscrew your existing nib and screw in the new one.

    Nib size is a matter of preference. Typically writers with larger hand writing prefer broader nibs. Finer nibs also deliver less ink to the paper, so if your paper tends to write "wet" and you have problems with bleed-through, you may also consider a finer nib. Our Prometheus notebooks can handle any of these nibs without bleeding through.

    Get a custom tuned nib to suit your individual writing style:

    Did you know there are people (with businesses) that specialize in tuning and customizing fountain pen nibs? You like awesome, so if you want more awesome, consider a custom nib tune. This is like traditional Japanese sword making. The blacksmith doesn't sharpen (polish if you are picky) the sword, he sends it to someone that specializes in that one task.

    I was recently contacted by Mark Bacas from www.nibgrinder.com. He's actually a backer on the Kickstarter campaign! Let's just assume he has impeccable taste in fountain pens. I have no other affiliation, but if you are looking someone to tune and/or customize your fountain pen nib(s) then you might check out Mark's work. I actually plan to send him some of my own nibs because...I too like awesome.

    Nibs are color coded based on point size:

    Red: Broad / Yellow: Medium / Green: Fine / Blue: Extra Fine

    Product Details

    As with every component I select for our products, I test as many variants as I can get my hands on. I'm someone who likes to make decisions based on first hand experience, not what other people say. After an exhaustive search I finally settled on Bock. They are one of the world's oldest and most well known nib manufacturers. In fact, they make nibs for many high-end pen companies you know and love.

    1. Nibs are mass produced, but a nib is a precision instrument in itself. It's somewhat common (for ALL fountain pens) that the nib does not perform perfectly out of the box. It's also common for nib to get knocked out of alignment during use. Thus, as a fountain pen owner, you'll need some basic nib tuning skills.
    2. Misaligned Tines: Finer nibs are inherently more "scratchy" than broader nibs. They are also more delicate. Typically scratchiness is due to the most common nib problem: misaligned tines. Please see the videos tab for resources. This is the most common issue and one of the easiest to fix.
    3. Hard Starting: This describes ink that won't flow easily after the pen sits for a while. This can be caused by a number of different things. Please see the videos tab for resources.
    4. Writing Technique: A fountain pen must be held at a specific angle relative to the page to work properly, your technique may require some work. Please see the videos tab for resources
    5. Nib Tuning & Custom Grinds: If you are interested in the ultimate writing experience I suggest sending out your nib to have it custom tuned by a professional. Yes, this is a "thing." I recommend Mark Bacas over at www.nibgrinder.com . He's a friend of the shop and one of the best in the business. Mark can tune up a standard nib for writing perfection. He will grind it if needed, and he can perform modifications like italic grinds and the like.
    need some guidance on nib size?
    The first consideration is how large you write your characters. Smaller writing lends itself to finer nibs and larger writing is better with larger nibs. Typically Extra Fine (EF) and Fine (F) are the most popular. However, they tend to have more problems with "scratchy" writing and may require more tuning. Larger nibs also tend to write “wetter” than fine nibs. My personal preference is Medium (M) because I like a heavier line and larger letters. Check out this article: “Guide to Fountain Pen Nibs.”
    • Size
      Bock 060
    • Material
      Stainless Steel
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