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Bock nibs for your Alpha Fountain Pen

Keep a spare or try a different size. 

The Bamboo Alpha Fountain Pen uses only the finest German nibs from Peter Bock A.G. Available in a variety of sizes, these 060 size stainless steel Bock nibs provide world-class quality and writing performance. Simply unscrew your existing nib and screw in the new one. 

Nib size is a matter of preference. Typically writers with larger hand writing prefer broader nibs. Finer nibs also deliver less ink to the paper, so if your paper tends to write "wet" and you have problems with bleed-through, you may also consider a finer nib. Our Prometheus notebooks can handle any of these nibs without bleeding through. 

Get a custom tuned nib to suit your individual writing style: 

Did you know there are people (with businesses) that specialize in tuning and customizing fountain pen nibs? You like awesome, so if you want more awesome, consider a custom nib tune. This is like traditional Japanese sword making. The blacksmith doesn't sharpen (polish if you are picky) the sword, he sends it to someone that specializes in that one task. 

I was recently contacted by Mark Bacas from He's actually a backer on the Kickstarter campaign! Let's just assume he has impeccable taste in fountain pens. I have no other affiliation, but if you are looking someone to tune and/or customize your fountain pen nib(s) then you might check out Mark's work. I actually plan to send him some of my own nibs because...I too like awesome. 

Nibs are color coded based on point size: 

  • Red: Broad
  • Yellow: Medium
  • Green: Fine
  • Blue: Extra Fine
SizeBock 060
MaterialStainless Steel
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