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Photon Lanyard Bead

Lanyard beads are a great way to dress up a light or knife. However, lanyard beads are also very functional. They make getting your kit out of your pocket easier and they provide additional grip so you don't drop your tool.

{"name":"Finish","position":1,"values":["Electroless Nickel","Raw Brass","Raw Copper","Velvet Titanium","Raw Titanium"]}


    Photon Lanyard Bead
    Photon Lanyard Bead Photon Lanyard Bead Photon Lanyard Bead Photon Lanyard Bead https://www.youtube.com/embed/Y1cx3Cajf-8 https://youtu.be/uZ0_d3Wiao0?t=45
    Product Overview

    Accessorize your accessories with the Photon Lanyard Bead: Our beads are 1/2" in diameter, 3/4" long, and have a 1/4" through hole designed to pass two strands of 550 paracord. Please note, copper and brass beads will develop patina over time. Electroless Nickel may also patina depending on your body chemistry, climate, etc.

    Available Materials:

    • Electroless Nickel: 6061 Aluminum with Electroless Nickel (magnetic finished)
    • Raw Copper: C145 Tellurium Copper (magnetic finished)
    • Raw Brass: C360 Brass (magnetic finished)
    • Velvet Titanium: 6/4 Titanium (satin finish)
    • Raw Titanium: 6/4 Titanium (magnetic finished)
    Product Details

    I gave myself one condition if I was going to make a bead (since everyone and their mother is making beads): make a bead design that's never been done before.

    I've was toying with this idea for over a year and I finally decided to get it done before someone else did :) To give credit where it's due: I was inspired by my favorite flashlight maker, Fred Pilon over at Photon Fanatic. His work is INSANE. The most beautiful lights I've ever seen without question, and also the namesake of the bead. What, you didn't think I was some sort of creative genius did you? The Photon Bead is my homage to Fred's vision and I make this bead design with his blessing.

    I also wanted to take advantage of my Haas ST10-Y's milling capabilities. The 30 grooves are cut by side-milling with a 3/32" 6 flute carbide keyseat cutter from Harvey Tool. This process is fairly slow and takes a significant amount of time to machine each bead. It's the longest run-time part that I make on the lathe. However, I'm really happy with the result and I hope you are too!

    • Materials
      Electroless Nickel (Coated 6061 Aluminum)
      Raw Brass (C360)
      Raw Copper (C145)
      Velvet Titanium (6Al4V)
      Raw Titanium (6Al4V)
    • Dimensions
      .5"x.75" (1/4" hole)
    • where it's made
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