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Prometheus flashlights

Prometheus Lights is known for delivering best in class design and performance in every product category. We mean this literally...you won’t find higher quality from any other brand at any other price. If we can’t do it better than everyone else...we don’t do it at all.
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Alpha Lights
Launched in 2010, the Alpha is the original Prometheus light and remains our flagship. If you need a light that can go anywhere and do anything, there can be only one...an Alpha.

The Alpha is big for an 18650 powered light because it's massively overbuilt, has industry leading thermal capacity, and can be submerged to 300 feet. We tested it.

Alphas have survived 9 story drops down an elevator shaft, falling into the running gearbox of a giant industrial machine, and submerged for over a month when lost in a lake.

Alpha "Shorty" Lights
The Alpha's diminutive sibling is more pocketable but packs the same punch, it just gets tired faster. The 18350 battery is 1/2 the size of an 18650 but only holds 35% of the energy. Hey, you can't have everything...but we do sell extra batteries.
Beta Lights
The Beta QR was the first quick release keychain light on the market. Often imitated, sometimes counterfeited, never duplicated. If you are looking for a keychain light that's a real flashlight (not an accessory) look no further.

The Beta is powered by a AAA NiMh rechargeable battery and is designed to deliver full power for an hour. Yes, we could make it brighter to impress you more, but that wouldn't make sense because the Beta is meant to be used, not admired.

Delta Lights
The Delta was designed to be a more pocketable EDC light compared to the Alpha, while retaining superior thermal properties. In fact, the Delta only drops about 1.5% in output on burst mode during the first 30 seconds of operation.

Many "high output" lights will drop 30% or more...not because it's designed to, but because the light is badly engineered and overheating. We make up for the lack of thermal mass with a solid copper pill and a graphite thermal interface material (TIM) under the LED. This material is extremely expensive and equally hard to work with. We are the only manufacturer in the world that uses graphite TIM in our lights.

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