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Klhip Nail Clipper

This is the Alpha of nail clippers. All other clippers weep in shame. I'm not even kidding. It's so good you'll want your nails to grow faster. I'm still not kidding.
Klhip Nail Clipper
Klhip Nail Clipper Klhip Nail Clipper Klhip Nail Clipper Klhip Nail Clipper Klhip Nail Clipper
Product Overview

Every once in a while a product comes along that reinvisions something we stopped giving any thought to decades ago. I'll bet you never even realized you suffered through the experience of cutting your nails. This is one of those designs that you can't appreciate until you experience.

Oh it's expensive for a nail clipper. But this is an example of where you get what you pay for. Treat yourself and you won't be dissapointed. Been looking for a gift that will make someone call you up and thank you a month later? This is your ticket. I've personally used these clippers for the better part of a decde and don't plan to go back.

Product Details

It was designed by a guy I know from Ketchum, Idaho. When I started using these I just couldn't resist the opportunity to help this gizmo reach the fingernails of more people around the world. I won't sell anything unless it meets my personal standards for awesome, and is a product that I actually use. I set the bar high.

Use with care and avoid dropping as this may cause misalignment and/or damage to the blades. Keep clean and dry and to protect the blades, always store in the supplied leather case.

Better Ergonomics
The forward facing lever allows you to apply pressure directly over the nail, creating better control and a more comfortable grip.
clean cut
Precision-engineered blades cut smoothly and accurately so there’s no need for filing and clippings stay on board.
Great action
Increased leverage produces superior cutting action and effortless clipping.
Built to last
Durable surgical stainless steel (440C) and world-class manufacturing produce the world’s best and highest quality nail clipper.
  • Clipper Material
    Surgical Stainless Steel (440C)
  • Case Material
  • Weight
  • where it's made
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