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Alpha Executive Pens

You get what you pay for... just like your Dad told you.

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Unique items and accessories from Prometheus and others.

Lambda Spin Tops

Obsession with perfection: the original ruby tipped top

Beta-QR Flashlights

The first & finest quick release keychain flashlight. Accept no substitutes.

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Our purpose
We strive to create the finest products on the planet, simply because we care, and we know you do too.

Prometheus Lights is known for delivering best in class design and performance in every product category. We mean this won’t find higher quality from any other brand at any other price. If we can’t do it better than everyone else...we don’t do it at all.


essential design built for life

We design, create, and deliver experiences that bring people joy by focusing on simplicity, usability, and details to create quality you can feel.

“Quality is not something you believe in, Quality is something you experience.”
― Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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