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Beta QRv3

Launched on Kickstarter in 2013, the Beta was the world's first quick release keychain flashlight...and it's still the best. The Beta-QR has something for everyone. It's designed to be there when you need it and disappear when you don't. v3 Betas feature the newest Nichia 519A 9080 (4000K) LED with 90+ CRI.

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    Beta QRv3
    Beta QRv3 Beta QRv3 Beta QRv3
    Product Overview


    Nichia 519A



    50 min

    50 hrs


    Announcing the Beta QRv3 with Nichia 519A 9080 (4000K) LED The Beta was first launched on Kickstarter in 2013. The v2 introduced our legendary push/pull QR mechanism (same as our Kappa Key chains), and the v3 offers some ergonomic upgrades as well as a new LED.

    Right now this is a "pre-production" release with an easter egg feature. We aren't sure what direction we'll go with the cosmetics, so we may (or may not) produce more lights with the current styling. We also decided to broach the internal bore where the QR attaches, allowing the light to be used as a light-duty bit driver. It's compatible with any 1/4" driver bit.

    The primary change is to the light's ergonomics; the head is a slightly larger diameter to make one-handed operation easier in addition to making the light more impact resistant. This will be especially helpful with softer materials like copper and brass. The added material also allows us to cut the grooves deeper for improved grip. Fluting at the back also provides additional grip.

    We operate on a rotating machining schedule in an effort to keep all of our products in stock. Our current schedule for Titanium Beta releases is once a month. Please sign up for the Wait List and keep an eye on our social media outlets to stay updated. Drops typically sell out in less than an hour.

    A note on materials Copper and brass with patina with use. Most people choose these materials because the patina that develops is unique to each individual. Electroless Nickel "may" also patina depending on your climate and personal body chemistry. Yes, seriously.

    Product Details

    This concept came to me through observation, research, and conversation. I tried carrying other keychain lights. They were handy to have around, but always got ditched from my key ring...because when I need light I don't want it stuck to a wad of keys. Keychain lights just don't work like I need or want them to, so I came up with something that does.

    I launched this light on Kickstarter back in 2013 and it blew up. At the time it was the most funded flashlight project on the platform. The Beta was also the first production flashlight dedicated to High CRI (Color Rendering Index) LEDs. I've been told the Beta was the light that made High CRI a mainstream feature in the flashlight world. I don't know if that's true, but part of our mission is to make High CRI the rule, not the exception. You deserve it.

    I started with a "plunger style" quick release because I couldn't afford the minimum order quantity for the spring I knew I wanted to use. Enter the QRv2 18 months later: our custom made canted coil spring is the heart of our QR (Quick Release) platform. It just plain works...because that's what it's designed to do. It's also what separates great from good...and all the QR lights that have tried to imitate. The Beta QRv3 continues to use this tried and true mechanism.

    Proprietary canted coil spring
    Proprietary canted coil spring
    My canted-coil-springs are custom manufactured specifically for the Beta-QR by a US company who specializes in canted coil springs...literally the only product they make. Normally these are found in connectors for military, medical, and aerospace applications. This little beauty is the single most expensive component of the Beta-QR. These are manufactured from 302 Stainless Steel: drawn, coiled, cut to length, and the ends are laser welded together. The springs on your screen are about 10x the actual size. It's a ridiculous achievement in manufacturing to make something this tiny...and then weld it together so the diameter of every spring is accurate to within less than the thickness of a sheet of paper.
    Nichia 519A 9080 High CRI LED
    Nichia 519A 9080 High CRI LED
    The Nichia 519A is a bit of semiconductor magic that turns the idea of "bad quality LED light" on its head. People hate LEDs for the same reason people used to hate fluorescent bulbs...the light they produce is absolutely horrible. Fluorescent lights have changed, and so have LEDs. It's time to stop living in the dark ages. Yes, that was a flashlight pun.
    Wabi Sabi: patina
    Wabi Sabi: patina
    The Beta QRv3 is part of our "QR Compatible" ecosystem. We offer a variety of accessories that take advantage of the QR like our pocket clips, Kappa QR Keychains, and the Beta Flex Arm; a flexible magnetic mount that lets you and your Beta go hands-free.
    included with your Beta QRv3
    • Beta QRv3 Flashlight
    • 2 Spare O-rings
    • Instruction Manual
    • 1xAAA NiMh Rechargeable Battery


    The Beta lights have a "twisty" user interface – the light is controlled by twisting the head on or off. When the light it twisted clockwise (righty tighty) it will turn on. Unscrewing the head a small amount will turn it off.


    Your Beta flashlight may have one, two, or three modes. See product sticker for clarification. Beta lights have no mode memory. They will revert to the lowest setting after being off for several seconds. A quick off/on cycle (less than 1 second) changes modes.

    3 Mode

    • Low = 1 Lumen
    • Medium = 15 Lumens
    • High = 90 Lumens

    Special Modes

    • None
    • LED Type
      Nichia 519A (4000K / 90+ CRI)
    • battery type
      NiMH AAA (rechargeable) or Lithium (disposable)
      ALKALINE BATTERY WARNING: Alkaline batteries release corrosive gas during discharge and will ruin your light.
    • Weight
      2.1 Oz (copper/brass)
      1.3 Oz (EN/HAIII)
    • Dimensions
      .55" x 2.95" (3.5" with QR attached)
    • Voltage Range
    • Beam Distance
    • Body Materials
      C360 Brass
      C101 Copper
      Type III anodize over 6061 Aluminum
      Electroless Nickel over 6061 Aluminum
    • Window Glass
      Optical grade glass (2 side AR coated)
    • Water Resistance
      IPX8 (1m)
    • Where it's Made
    The ultimate QR (Quick Release)
    Simply push to engage and pull to disengage. The mechanism is engineered to provide 10 lbs. of holding force. Combine this with the snag-free profile of the brass component and accidental disengagement is "virtually" impossible, and engagement is verified by a solid "click" every time! The spring is user-replaceable if that is ever required. 304 Stainless steel cold-forged split rings replace the original carbon steel "round" rings. Carbon steel has better spring tension, but the coating wears off and then they rust.
    The ultimate QR (Quick Release)
    High CRI (Color Rendering Index)
    A "High CRI" LED is designed specifically to work in concert with the human visual system, providing the maximum possible color accuracy when compared to sunlight. Daylight scores a perfect 100. Once you experience High-CRI you won't go back. Seeing colors is the human superpower. Using low CRI lights is like carrying a chunk of Kryptonite in your pocket.
    High CRI (Color Rendering Index)
    beta your way
    The Beta QRv3 is part of our "QR Compatible" ecosystem. We offer a variety of accessories that take advantage of the QR like our pocket clips, Kappa QR Keychains, and the Beta Flex Arm; a flexible magnetic mount that lets you and your Beta go hands-free.
    beta your way
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