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Prometheus flashlights

Prometheus Lights strives to deliver best in class design and performance in every product category. We mean this literally...you won’t find higher quality from any other brand at any other price. If we can’t do it better than everyone else...we don’t do it at all.
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The Alpha is our flagship and the light that launched Prometheus. It was designed to be the last light you'll ever need, and it's been continuously refined over 10 years. Alpha's are meant to be used; it's a "full size" light and is built to take a beating.

Alphas are uniquely constructed with a solid, single-piece head for unparalleled thermal performance and durability. It also features our proprietary Icarus driver that is fully user programmable.

If you want a light that just works, there is no better choice.

alpha shorty
The "Shorty" Alpha uses the same head and tailcap as a standard Alpha, but the body is shorter to accommodate an 18350 battery (the same one the Delta uses).

You'll trade a smaller form factor for about 1/3 the run time. We don't offer these very often, but you can also use a "Shorty Body" accessory with any Alpha.

beta QRv2
This tiny and functional light retains all of the core qualities of a custom Prometheus light: the aesthetic appeal, thoughtful design, and superior beam quality. The concept came to me through observation, research, and conversation.

I tried carrying other keychain lights. They were handy to have around, but always got ditched from my key ring...because when I need light I don't want it stuck to a wad of keys.

Other keychain lights just didn't work like I needed them to, so I came up with something that does.

I've taken my last 7 years of flashlight design and manufacturing experience and crammed it into the Delta flashlight. One major upgrade is our graphite thermal pad with 5x thermal conductivity compared to pure copper!

The exposed fins on the solid copper pill transfer heat directly to your hand and the environment instead of trapping it inside the light.

The Delta is our newest light and boasts the power of an Alpha in a smaller package.

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