Alpha Classic


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These are the Alphas that started it all! 

These three Blue Label finishes have been out of production for several years. Now they are back in limited quantities! 

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  • Electroless Nickel
  • Choose your LED
  • Choose button color
  • Icarus LED Driver
  • Primary Seal Ring
  • UCL Glass Lens
  • McClicky Switch
  • 6Al/4V Ti Clip
  • Report Card

The Alpha wasn't always a classic, but my three original finishes are back from a very long hiatus. basically I wasn't able to keep up with the workload, but the current Prometheus team numbers six souls and we can get a lot more done. 

As with standard Alphas, these lights use an 18650 battery, but we are also rolling out our "shorty" bodies that can convert an Alpha to 18350. The shorty bodies are only available as a separate accessory at this time. 

An 18350 battery is 1/2 the size but only 1/3 of the overall capacity. This makes the 18650 great for a work/utility/duty light when you need to use it regularly. The smaller 18350 is more suitable for EDC (Every Day Carry) and casual use. 

I've been working on this driver for over two years. It's simple, powerful, and full of features even the most demanding flashlight enthusiasts will appreciate. A maximum current of 3.4 Amps delivers class-leading power and an advanced software platform lets you make Icarus a reflection of your unique preferences by programming it any way you like...

This driver is 100% designed, programmed, and manufactured (in the USA) just for me. Until now, I've been limited by "what is available," but Icarus is the realization of a long standing goal. No expense is spared, no shortcuts taken, no compromise accepted. I'm proud to put the Prometheus stamp on this driver as the crowning jewel of the Alpha platform. Enough talk, let's get to the details.

Battery single 18650 lithium-ion (4.2V)
Cree MCE led (cool wht) (Flux bin "M")(Tint Bin "WC" 6500K)
Cree MCE led (neutral wht) (Flux bin "K")(Tint Bin "4A" 4500K)
Cree XML led (cool wht) (Flux bin "U2")(Tint Bin "1C" 6500K)
Cree XML led (neutral wht) (Flux bin "T5")(Tint Bin "4C" 4500K)
Nichia 219 High-CRI led (NVSL219B R9050)(4500K)
MCE output (cool wht) ~750 lumens OTF (minimum)
MCE output (neutral wht) ~600 lumens OTF (minimum)
XML output (cool wht) ~800 lumens OTF (minimum)
XML output (neutral wht) ~750 lumens OTF (minimum)
Nichia 219 output ~250 lumens OTF (minimum)
2.4A driver (Nichia 219) "Icarus" Proprietary Driver (3.8V input) Programmable
3.4A driver (MCE/XML) "Icarus" Proprietary Driver (3.8V input) Programmable
driver UI 3 Mode (100%,30%,5%)
run time for MCE (est.) High = 90min, Med = 300min, Low = 900min
run time for XML (est.) High = 60min, Med = 210min, Low = 660min
run time for Nichia 219(est.) High = 120min, Med = 430min, Low = 1,290min
reflector Ledil Boom MC-S (Spot)(Angle = FWHM 20°)
window (lens) 98% UCL glass (2 side AR coated)
thermal interface Bergquist Bond-Ply 100
clicky switch McClicky "forward" click switch (it's famous!)
switch boot Molded silicone (blue, orange, black, GITD green)
wire Mil-spec silver plated 24 AWG, teflon coated
solder Silver Solder (RoHS compliant)
body material 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum
Coating Electroless Nickel (Hardness: 48-50 Rc)
driver mount (Blue-Label) C101 Oxy-free electronic copper (H02 99% pure)
driver mount (Ready-Made) 6061-T6 aluminum (EN plated)
o-rings (Blue-Label) Mil-Spec Fluorosilicone (70 Durometer Shore A)
o-rings (Ready-Made) Buna-N "Nitrile" (50 Durometer Shore A)
threads Body-to-head (1x28) body-to-tail (7/8x28)
lubricant StClaire Nano-Oil (10 Wt.)
dimensions 1.2" x 5.75" (body dia. is 1")
weight 4.79oz (136.1g) No Battery
ANSI thead tolerance (Blue-Label) Class III A/B
ANSI thead tolerance (Ready-Made) Class II A/B
depth rating 300 feet for 5 hours (tested!)

The Alpha Series is very small and very powerful.

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