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Alpha Shorty Body (18350)

Get Shorty: convert any Alpha to an 18350 powered "Shorty"

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    Alpha Shorty Body (18350)
    Alpha Shorty Body (18350) Alpha Shorty Body (18350) Alpha Shorty Body (18350) Alpha Shorty Body (18350)
    Product Overview

    The same Alpha power in a smaller package ...and 1/4 the run-time. Well, you can't have everything right? A lot of people have asked for an Alpha with a "smaller footprint" and this is the solution. The shorty bodies are made in-house just a few at a time.

    The body is about 1" shorter than a standard Alpha body, but uses the same head and tailcap as a full-size Alpha.

    These Shorty bodies are stand alone accessories. We (very) occasionally have complete Shorty lights available.

    You MUST use an 18350 IMR chemistry battery if you are going to run a Shorty body.

    • Standard Li-Ion batteries (RCR123 or 18350) are dangerous to use because they cannot safely deliver 3.4A of current.
    • CR123 disposable batteries are NOT compatible.
    • If you aren't sure what all of this means, you don't want to buy one of these.

    The cells we recommend can be purchased via this link.

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