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Metal Tailcap Kit for Alpha/Delta Lights

It's dress up time...Solid metal tailcaps for your alpha or delta flashlight

{"name":"Material","position":1,"values":["Electroless Nickel","Brass","Copper","6\/4 Titanium"]}


    Metal Tailcap Kit for Alpha/Delta Lights
    Metal Tailcap Kit for Alpha/Delta Lights Metal Tailcap Kit for Alpha/Delta Lights Metal Tailcap Kit for Alpha/Delta Lights Metal Tailcap Kit for Alpha/Delta Lights
    Product Overview

    This idea was kicking around in my head since 2012. I always wanted an all-metal button that wasn't a thin/janky cover over the top of a rubber seal. I even designed the space into the original Alpha lights...but it took me 5 years to get around to it. I'm excited to say I finally did it, it worked like I imagined, and they are boss!

    If you want 100% reliable operation, you should not use the metal button. The metal button is a dress-up item, not a functional improvement. This will NOT be as water/grit resistant as the silicone rubber boot. The metal button relies on a dynamic seal (the o-ring moves up and down) and dynamic seals are not as robust as static seals...especially if regular maintenance is not part of your routine. If your light is mission critical, use the silicone rubber boot.

    Product Details

    This unit is fully sealed with an O-ring and the kit includes all of the components you need to install it into your light. Please see the "Videos" for instructions on how to install the kit. This should be compatible with any Alpha light ever made.

    The button and brass bushing are machined right here in the shop. The wave spring is a custom made part, just for this application. The metal button has a significantly harder feel that the soft silicone rubber boot.


    A dynamic o-ring seal (like the one used here) does require lubrication and cleaning for smooth operation and water proofing. If the button becomes "slow" to respond, that's because it's time to disassemble the tailcap, clean the o-ring, and reapply a small amount of lubricating Nano-Oil. Only a very small amount is required...but it is required.

    Included with your kit:
    Included with your kit:
    * Metal tailcap
    * o-ring
    * Brass bushing
    * Red fiber washer
    * Custom wave spring


    When the o-ring is new it will develop "compression set" if the light is unused for a day or more, and the first 1-2 presses may be slow to respond. This is normal. If properly lubricated, the excessive friction will go away after a few presses. Over time the compression set goes away as the o-ring breaks in.

    If you don't already have a 1cc bottle of Nano-Oil, you should consider getting some since your flashlight threads and o-rings also need the same care :) If you have lots of things you need to keep well lubricated try out the 8cc option!

    • Materials
      C360 Brass, C145 Tellurium Copper
    • Materials
      Electroless Nickel over 6061 Aluminum, 6/4 Titanium
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