Alpha Shorty (body ONLY)- $50.00 - $70.00

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The same Alpha power in a smaller package...and 1/4 the run-time. Well, you can't have everything right? A lot of people have asked for an Alpha with a "smaller footprint" and this is the solution. The shorty bodies are made in-house just a few at a time.

Shorty bodies are ONLY available as a stand-alone accessory (as shown here) they are not available as complete lights.

These bodies should be compatible with all current Blue-Label (blue/gold 3 digit serial number) and Ready-Made Alphas.

They MAY NOT be compatible with older versions of the Alpha (no serial number or white/black 4 digit serial number) because of a small change in the size of the tailcap thread. This does NOT apply to the Ready-Made.

Older Alphas (without the blue/gold serial number) can be brought up to date with a new tailcap & retaining ring. Please contact me for pricing. Tailcaps are special order and will be 4-6 weeks for delivery:

A hand-made Delrin spacer is available for an additional $10 if you want to use a smaller 16340 (RCR123 IMR) battery.

The body is about 1" shorter, but uses the same head and tailcap as a full-size Alpha. These are ONLY sold as accessories so you must purchase or own a full size Alpha to use the shorty body.

You MUST use special batteries if you are going to run a Shorty body.

Standard Li-Ion batteries are dangerous to use because they cannot safely deliver 3.4A of current.

Please see the warning at the top right of this page.

If you aren't sure what all of that means, you don't want to buy one of these.

Left to Right: Blasted & Polished, Brushed, Stone Washed, Ready Made!


You MUST use IMR chemistry 16340 or 18350 batteries.

Normal Li-ion batteries are not safe to use in the shorty - EVER - because it's dangerous.

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Quantities Limited

Blasted & Polished


Stone Washed


Full Brushed




Please note, the RM shorty body is 100% machined in-house by me, not at my contract machine shop.


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