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I'm No Expert: Kickstarter (S1, Ep 22)

14 February 2018

We're still not experts, but Jason HAS run 5 successful* Kickstarter Campaigns for Prometheus products, including the Beta QR AAA Flashlight, the Kappa Keychain Quick Release, and the Lambda Top. He shares his experiences both as a campaign creator AND a backer of projects that failed for one reason or another.

Covered in the podcast:

- The 3 Things Kickstarter is Good For (from an inventor/small business perspective)
- Why Hitting Your Funding Goals is NOT Success
- How to Make a Killer Kickstarter Video
- The NEXT Prometheus Kickstarter Campaign

Maker Minute: BackerKit

Prometheus Lights Kickstarter Page

*Jason defines a "successful" Kickstarter Campaign, based on his *ahem* expertise on the subject.

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