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Small Business in America (S1: EP 52) Hero Image

Small Business in America (S1: EP 52)

08 May 2019

More than 50% of Americans (including Jason & Ben) either work for or own a small business. So everybody: how's it going for you? The future of our country's economy depends on you listening to this episode. Don't let us down.

Maker Minute: (just you wait and see).

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Dan January 21, 2020

Just discovered the podcast!

Wanted to note the irony that you compare Behringer vs Neewer; I respect a lot of new Behringer products, but they started and continue to operate as a company that steals designs. They famously cloned a Mackie mixer, right down to the PCB etch, back in their early days.

It’s very difficult to separate “commodity” designs from “innovative” designs these days. The cases that matter most to me are “whole package” purchases: a car, a computer, etc. where the spec sheet is less important than the way everything works together.

Pocket knives have seen a total shift in the last 10 years, where made-in-China products are now better engineered than the custom-made pieces they imitate. (Thankfully there are some big manufacturers working with designers directly, but it’s clear there’s a shared labor pool among the knock-off producers and the premium export brands.