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Have you signed up for Blue Label drops?

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About the Maker

Jason Hui : Founder

Born in Hong Kong and raised on a ranch in Montana, I am a paradox. I can drive on the wrong side of the road in the world’s most densely populated city, but I can also rope from horseback. My one sentence summary, “I’ve lived on both coasts, I like to understand both sides of an argument, and I’m a machinist with an MBA.”

Prior to launching Prometheus Lights, I spent 10 years in product development: designing everything from watches, to fly-fishing equipment, retail experiences, and machine tool accessories. 

I got tired of carpal tunnel, stepped away from my desk, and started learning the trades. I've built animatronic sharks for a Hollywood special effects studio, custom hot rods, back country fire trucks, worked on the Automotive X Prize, contracted for Mythbusters, and worked at the world’s first high-performance electric motorcycle startup (Mission Motors).

After spending 15 years crafting successful solutions for other people, I decided to set out on my own and founded Prometheus Lights in 2011. Since then, I've been putting my eclectic background to work crafting essential designs built for life. 

“The world is full of stuff. As a consumer, I want to buy things that I know someone has cared about and that I know will last. As a designer, maker, and strategist, I strive to create products that reflect how I see the world, my values, and the way I want to fit into the big picture.”

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