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The creation of California-based designer and fabricator, Jason Hui, Prometheus Lights has just launched its initial product: the Alpha flashlight. Born in Hong Kong and raised on a ranch in Montana, Hui is a paradox. He can drive on the wrong side of the road in the world’s most densely populated city, but he can also start a one-match campfire and rope from horseback. In his own words, “I’ve lived on both coasts. I like to understand both sides of an argument. I’m a machinist with an MBA.”

Prior to launching Prometheus Lights, Hui designed watches, fly-fishing equipment, retail stores and machine tool accessories. He's built animatronic sharks for a Hollywood special effects studio, worked on the Automotive X Prize and the world’s first high-performance electric motorcycle at Mission Motors. “The world is full of stuff,” says Hui. “As a consumer, I want to buy things that I know someone has cared about and that I know will last. As a designer, maker and strategist, I strive to create products that reflect how I see the world, my values and they way I want to fit into the big picture.”

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Smart design and custom craftsmanship combine in a stunning palm-sized LED flashlight

A bright reaction to today’s disposable culture, Prometheus Lights introduces the Alpha Series light. Four times brighter than MAGLITE's® latest 3D cell LED flashlight and only one-fifth the size, the Alpha is a limited production, high performance, premium LED flashlight, intentionally made to last a lifetime.

Capable of producing over 500 lumens of light in a smart, rechargeable, waterproof and remarkably beautiful package, the Alpha is the brightest flashlight of its size on the market. Unlike the perennially cheap flashlights flanking the checkout counter at hardware stores, each individual Alpha light is custom-built to be the highest quality possible.

Designed, engineered and built in California by one set of hands, each Alpha light is made-to-order in an authentic process that takes about five hours of work per light. The result is a pocket-sized piece of custom craftsmanship, disguised as an everyday flashlight that’s rechargeable, thanks to lithium-ion batteries.

The Alpha is also intelligent: solid state electronics deliver maximum brightness over the life of the battery, a memory feature recalls the last-used setting of three different brightness levels and a strobe warning indicates a low battery. What’s more, the Alpha is completely upgradable and repairable for true lifetime use.

Reflecting an ethos of thoughtful design and conscious consumption, Prometheus Lights intends that the Alpha is the last flashlight you’ll ever need to buy.

* MAGLITE® is a registered trademark of Mag Instrument, Inc. and is not affiliated with Prometheus Lights in any way.

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