This auction is for a "one-off" Blue-Label Delta light: Full Timscus. Timascus is a blend of different titanium grades and it has been heated to bring out the colors. No two Timascus lights are the same!   

This light is equipped with our brand new solid metal tailcap button! If you prefer a standard rubber button just let us know.

The Delta is our newest light and boasts the power of an Alpha in a smaller package. I've taken my last 7 years of flashlight design and manufacturing experience and crammed it into the Delta flashlight. One major upgrade is our graphite thermal pad with about 5x thermal conductivity compared to pure copper! The exposed fins on the solid copper pill transfer heat directly to your hand and the environment instead of trapping it inside the light. 

Choose between the 4000K Nichia 219C (92+CRI) at around 800+ lumens, or the newest 5000K Nichia 319A (80+CRI) at about 1000+ lumens. 

  • Serial Number: ΔxxxxBL (Delta #xxxx Blue Label)
  • Full Timascus
  • Dimensions: 1" x 3.75"
  • Green glow board (made in house and super bright) 
  • Graphite Thermal Pad (#first!) 
  • Solid Copper MCPCB (Direct Thermal Path)
  • Solid Copper Pill
  • Solid Copper Switch Button
  • Icarus LED Driver (3.4A Max)
  • Primary Seal Ring
  • UCL Glass Lens
  • McClicky Switch
  • Certified 6Al/4V Ti Clip
  • Individual "Report Card" 

Battery type is IMR 18350 ONLY. Standard lithium ion batteries (non-IMR chemistry) in any size CANNOT handle the 3.4A current drain. Using these batteries are DANGEROUS. Appropriate batteries can be purchased here


  • No Reserve! The material cost of the Timascus bar used to make this light (not including everything else) was over $500! 
  • Bidding! If you bid you agree to pay if you are the winner, so don't bid unless you are serious. 
  • Payment! Payment is required within 2 hours of the auction close. If you are international and that doesn't work for you, please email me at . 
  • Shipping! Free shipping world wide via FedEx. Signature confirmation IS MANDATORY. 
  • Returns! All sales are final, no returns are accepted. 
  • Auction Close! This auction closes at 2:00PM on Wednesday December 12th Pacific Standard Time. Each bid is time-stamped on the Google form. No exceptions. 



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