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finishing assembly technician

Job Description (Finishing & Assembly Technician - Paid Internship or Hire)

Prometheus is a small shop with a highly dynamic and challenging environment. You’ll be part of a team that depends on you. Yes, we need you to be in charge of product finishing & assembly...but you should also want to learn and grow.   

We strive to make the highest quality products on earth. Finishing/Assembly is about bringing together all previous work in an elegant, consistent, and efficient way. Part of the job is making things look good and putting them together, but so is working smarter: finding opportunities for improvement, developing documented processes, and executing them. This is a thinking person's job. Your work directly influences how our customers view our values and brand. 

You’ll need to become intimately familiar with the products you are working with and able to spot problems by eye and feel. Subtle things that other people might miss. You’ll also need to know (or learn) basic metrology (measuring) so you can diagnose problems that you identify. You’ll work with (and become a master of) a variety of processes like media blasting, vibratory finishing, ultrasonic cleaning, laser marking, titanium anodizing, quality control, etc. 

Pay is based on experience. 

This job is for you if you love…

  • Being detail oriented and wonder why other people are not
  • The satisfying feeling when your work demonstrates your expertise
  • Creating new systems & processes that make life easier for you and the team
  • Being an integral part of a team that counts on you
  • Problem solving on the fly
  • Gear and technical information (everything here is technical) 
  • Constantly striving for perfection because you know it’s unattainable
  • Taking initiative because you are hungry to learn and grow
  • Finding ways to make repetitive tasks efficient, repeatable, and satisfying
  • Not being micromanaged because “crushing it” is your default mode 
  • Delivering people joy

Work Balance: 

  • 60% finishing & assembly (5 hours)
  • 15% maintaining & cleaning equipment and work spaces (1 hours)
  • 25% flex (2 hours) 

Necessary Skills:

You’ll be asked to demonstrate these skills during the interview process through Q&A and/or previous examples of work. Final candidates will be asked to spend some time in the shop before a final decision is made. Talk is cheap ;) 

  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Mechanical Intuition
  • Think strategically about time management (scheduling & multitasking)
  • Technical minded, self directed, and disciplined 
  • Analytical & problem solving skills
  • Excellent hand eye coordination and manual dexterity
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Finishing & Assembly Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain and operate vibratory tumblers, sandblasting equipment, ultrasonic cleaning line, DI/RO water processing equipment, CO2 and Fiber laser equipment, titanium anodizing equipment
  • Maintain and record stock levels of components and finished products
  • Prepare, drop off, and pick up parts from local vendors (using your own vehicle)
  • Perform final checks and inspect for defects to ensure high quality products
  • Order and stock materials and supplies to avoid shortages
  • Assemble all of our core products except Alpha & Delta flashlights (for now)
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area
  • Maintain open communication with other team members
  • Analyze processes for continuous improvement
  • Help with general shop operations, cleaning, & organization

Helpful Experience / Knowledge:

If you are a superstar you can learn on the job, but you’ll be a stronger candidate if you can bring more to the table at the outset. 

  • Experience with a working shop environment
  • Machine shop metrology (measuring practices)
  • Basic manual lathe/mill experience
  • Artistic flair: experience with or desire to learn advanced metal finishing/antiquing techniques to create exclusive variations on standard products
  • Able to identify different metals by eye
  • Interest in the current EDC market and trends
  • Basic photography for social media
  • Software/Hardware experience (arduino, raspberry pi, etc.) 

*** Please submit your cover letter, resume, and work samples via this Google Form ***