My goal is simple: create the finest products on the planet...

I'm a product designer, strategist, and custom fabricator. I've spent years developing successful solutions for other people, but now I'm working on my own projects full time. I've designed everything from fly fishing equipment to machine shop tools. I've developed business strategies for start-ups and international companies. I've fabricated everything from classic hot-rods to special effects for film and television. I love making stuff and I just can't stop doing it!

Prometheus is growing and I like to think it's because we deliver on both product and service. I hired my first two full times employees in 2017. In 2018 I acquired the legendary Foursevens flashlight brand and hired four more people. Everyone at Prometheus truly believes in what we are doing, and I like to think it shows.

Below are some values that motivate what we do. 

Like I said, we are passionate about what we do and believe in it. You won't find any marketing hype here, because we don't need it. We let our hard work do the talking. I personally write all of the product descriptions, and I do my best to represent Prometheus products as accurately as possible.

We believe in old fashioned "know it when you see it" quality. This obsession permeates everything we do and it is a continuous and ever-changing pursuit. Every time we run a batch of products there are minute changes that improve the process and final result. You'll never notice, but we'll never rest. 

It's no secret we live in an age of disposability, but we don't believe in that. Everything that comes out of this shop is made to last. We have a lot of new machines, but some of the best ones were made in the 1970s. I just bought two machines that were made in the 1940s. We're getting them cleaned up and will put them back to work because they were made the old fashioned way. 

Respect is earned by conducting ones self honestly and with decency. You'll note that I have a "don't be a jerk" clause in my warranty policy. I'm joking, but not really. We'll show you respect if you show us respect. That's how it works in the shop, that how it works in life. We are a small company made up of good people just like you. Some people forget we are not Amazon. Please don't forget :) 

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