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shipment marked as delivered but not received

My package is marked as delivered but I still don't have it, what can I do?

I borrowed this handy-dandy infographic from Amazon. They know a lot about shipping stuff and this is what they recommend. In my experience, 80% of the time someone else in your household has the package so check with the wife and kids.

  1. The mail carrier is supposed to physically scan the package whey they are on your doorstep. Sometimes they are naughty and scan it at some other time.
  2. You should first check with your mail carrier to see if they remember delivering the package. The sooner you do this the better the odds.
  3. Next you should check with your postmaster or shipping carrier you chose during checkout.
  4. We don't have access to more information than what is provided in the tracking link we send. Also note that once the shipment has been consigned to the carrier, we don't have any control over it. 
  5. If you elected to use the Route shipping insurance offered at checkout, you may contact them to file a claim if the package is determined by the carrier to be lost or missing.