About the Maker

The creation of California-based designer and fabricator, Jason Hui, Prometheus Lights has just launched its initial product: the Alpha flashlight. Born in Hong Kong and raised on a ranch in Montana, Hui is a paradox. He can drive on the wrong side of the road in the world’s most densely populated city, but he can also start a one-match campfire and rope from horseback. In his own words, “I’ve lived on both coasts. I like to understand both sides of an argument. I’m a machinist with an MBA.”

My Mission

My goal is simple: create the finest lighting instruments on the planet...

All Alpha Series lights are machined from domestic 6061-T6 aluminum, hand finished, and then Electroless Nickel plated for awesome appearance and extreme durability. I use the highest quality materials and components I can find. These lights feature the latest in LED technology and solid state electronics to provide maximum brightness, excellent color rendition, and up to 50,000 hours of bulb life.

My Videos

Prior to launching Prometheus Lights, Hui designed watches, fly-fishing equipment, retail stores and machine tool accessories. He's built animatronic sharks for a Hollywood special effects studio, worked on the Automotive X Prize and the world’s first high-performance electric motorcycle at Mission Motors. “The world is full of stuff,” says Hui. “As a consumer, I want to buy things that I know someone has cared about and that I know will last. As a designer, maker and strategist, I strive to create products that reflect how I see the world, my values and they way I want to fit into the big picture.

My Blog

You will find lots of additional info about who I am and why I've decided to make custom flashlights full time. The blog is also the main focal point for updates and information ranging from current design problems, contests, polls, requests for help, minor victories, and total failures.

I cover topics on business, design, machining, LED technology and lot's of other "boring to some, fascinating to others" kind of stuff. Once you get there, please sign up for my mailing list! I don't send updates very often but you might get a chance to win a free light or something exciting like that.

In the Press

"This is my first review of an item that was submitted to me for review. After I linked to his site, Dark Sucks noticed an uptick in traffic and contacted me about reviewing his light. Excited to get this beast of a torch in my hand I said "Yes" and about a month later I had one in the mail. I had the light for about ten days and used it as my only light that entire time. I carried in jeans, shorts, and slacks. I used it in the workshop and outside at night. I recharged the battery and I stacked up against my Surefire G2X Pro." - Everyday Commentary

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