Have you signed up for Blue Label drops?

Have you signed up for Blue Label drops?

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Our Team

teamwork makes the dream work

Prometheus started as a one-man show back in 2011. After 5 years of growth, I was overwhelmed and barely keeping up with my "must do" list and totally failing at my "needs to do" and "would like to do" lists. I hired my first two full time employees in 2017 (Joy and Gilbert) and we've continued to add talent over time. We managed to weather the pandemic and our small team of hard working individuals continues to strive for excellence.

We are only 8 people, but we'll put our products up against companies that are (literally) 100 times larger. How do we do that? The main thing that sets us apart from other companies is that everyone who works here actually uses the products we make...every day. I've visited many large flashlight manufacturers and noticed not a single employee had a flashlight in their pocket, not even the owner. Sure they have dozens of engineers, designers, sales staff, and millions of dollars in the R&D budget. But I don't trust any product made by someone who doesn't use it. 

We genuinely care about what we do and how it's done. It's rarely smooth and never easy, but every day is an opportunity to learn and improve. We consider customers to be part of the team as well, so thanks for being part of it!

Jason Hui: Owner/Founder

I'm a product designer, strategist, and custom fabricator. I spent years developing successful solutions for other people, but since 2011 I've been working on my own projects full time. I've designed everything from fly fishing equipment to machine shop tools. I've developed business strategies for start-ups and international companies. I've fabricated everything from classic hot-rods to special effects for film and television. I love making stuff and I just can't stop doing it!

Joy Hulsenberg: Office Manager and Customer Support

Joy brings deep experience in running and growing a business. She manages our day to day operations and keeps us all pointed in the right direction. Like most of us she wears a lot of hats and plays a vital role in keeping our ongoing operations organized and efficient.

Gilbert Guerra: Head Machinist

Gilbert brings over 30 years of experience to the table. He loves complex machining and tight tolerances. Just my kind of guy. He's also a machine himself and pumps out parts like nobody's business. Gilbert received many offers from other shops and, lucky for us, he was persuaded to join our rag-tag band.

Ben Hardy: Content Marketing & Social Media

Ben and I lived together in college! In 2017 I hired Ben as a contractor to take over our marketing and social media efforts. Our conversations also led to creating the "I'm no Expert" podcast. Ben's energy is contagious and he has extensive experience as a writer and marketer.

Terry (TJ) Montfort: Customer Support

TJ comes to us from Foursevens where he spent seven years providing customer support and generally making things happen. When Prometheus acquired the Foursevens brand, Terry joined us with deep knowledge of the Foursevens product line and passion for helping people out.

Brandon Taniguchi: Assembly & Shipping

Brandon is a gear-head and likes to make sure things are done one way, the right way. He currently heads up our shipping department, inventory control, and has eagerly been learning all things finishing and assembly. 

Ian Yu: Flashlight Builder & Warranty

Ian loves to know what makes things work and why sometimes they don't. I've enlisted his skills to head up Alpha/Delta flashlight assembly and upgrades. As you know, Alphas and Deltas are the flagship Prometheus products and his methodical approach means nothing but perfection leaves the bench.

Joe Wu: Creative Consultant

Joe is the founder of Scout Leather Co. I've been sharing space with Joe since 2013 and we collaborate on many projects. Joe is an idea guy who has been honing his shop skills over the years. He has come on board to drive new product initiatives & manage our Kickstarter campaigns.