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Prometheus Lights Acquires Foursevens Hero Image

Prometheus Lights Acquires Foursevens

07 February 2018

Prometheus Lights Acquires Foursevens

This is Just the Beginning


To our friends and customers,

I am pleased to announce that Prometheus Lights has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Foursevens brand and assets. The last few years have been an incredible journey for Foursevens (est. 2008), and Prometheus Lights (est. 2011). I’d like to thank David Chow, founder of Foursevens, for building an incredible company and strong brand in the marketplace. It is a humbling opportunity to build upon his great work and continue the Foursevens legacy.

We both started years ago with the belief that innovative ideas and hard work could transform the humble flashlight into a powerful tool of the modern age. I want to assure our community that Prometheus Lights will remain focused on leading the market and fulfilling this mission.

I met David back in 2012 and I have long admired Foursevens industry leadership, dedication to excellence, and customer-focused solutions while also contributing to a great community of enthusiasts.

Some changes are in the pipeline, though I want to assure you that Foursevens will resemble the tried and true Foursevens that you have grown to love. We now have more resources to continue building products that delight our customers and deliver innovation for years to come.

We are excited to share more about what we will be working on in the coming months. The possibilities are unlimited, and we are just getting started…stay tuned!

Onward, upward, and thanks for your support,

Jason Hui / founder, maker & owner

Prometheus Lights

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