Have you signed up for Blue Label drops?

Have you signed up for Blue Label drops?

Holiday Shipping Deadlines Hero Image

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

11 December 2019

Okay folks, we're heading into proper procrastinator territory. Big shout out to ShipStation for putting together this handy little shipping deadline infographic to help ensure that you little last-minute shoppers don't end up the inadvertent Grinch by getting your order in too late.

And by order I mean one of our many products that are 15% OFF...for a little while longer.

True story. Use code HOLIDAYME15 at checkout to take 15% off the following:

  1. Any Foursevens Product (for serious)
  2. All Beta QRv2 Flashlights (except Titanium – everyone has limits)
  3. All Alpha Executive Pens
  4. All Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pens

Get. Those. Orders. In. 

Deadline for Ground Shipping UPS is this Friday (December 13...you feeling lucky?) 

Deadline for USPS Retail Ground is this Saturday.

Deadline for FedEx Ground is next Monday.

Good luck with the rest of your holiday shopping and have a great season.

If you're looking to get INTO the Holiday Spirit, check out the recent episode of I'm No Expert on that very thing. We put sleigh bells on it and everything.


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