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Every Alpha Pen is precision crafted to the highest possible standards...mine

All pens now ship with a brass laser engraved clip screw (machined in house) and a 3mm Allen key. 

Designed from the ground up to complement only the Montblanc Fineliner cartridge (epic) or the Montblanc Rollerball cartridge (great). This means no extra parts to lose, no fiddly springs, a thread-in cartridge, and components that fit like a German car door. 

Made right here in California, by me. I like to support people that take pride in their work, people who do a job the right way because that's the only way it should be done. When you back an Alpha Pen it makes a real difference to me and the vendors I use. It pays the power bill, puts food on the table, and keeps us looking forward to the day's work. 

Precision that's not marketing hype. I don't deal in hype. I machine precision parts for a living and you can (and should) expect world-class craftsmanship. If you are buying a pen that is machined, you are going to feel the difference when it's designed and manufactured by a machinist! 

The Alpha Pen isn't cheap because you get what you pay for...just like your dad told you. The price represents the real cost of manufacturing quality goods, in small volume, right here in the USA. The Alpha won't be for everyone, but if you know quality and demand the best (right down to the custom manufactured screws) you're my customer!


Before you buy...

Pens do not include a Montblanc refill
  1. Montblanc does not (currently) permit the resale of refills. 
  2. You may find some on Amazon or Ebay, but I recommend purchasing directly from Montblanc through their website (link) or at your local Montblanc retail store. You'll also find the best pricing by purchasing directly from Montblanc. 
 ​Compatible Montblanc Refills
  1. Fineliner - blue or black (link)
  2. Rollerball - Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Orange (link)
  3. DO NOT purchase LeGrand, Ballpoint, Capless, or Artfineliner refills, as they are not compatible. 
Special Instructions: Electroless Nickel Plated Aluminum, Brass, & Copper
  1. A light lubricating oil has been applied to the threads during assembly. When your pen is new, please be cautious of this oil getting on things like your shirt pocket. If you notice any residue, you may wipe the threads to clean them, but you should not use cleaning solvents that dissolve oil. This specialty oil will adhere to the surface of the metal and remain active long after any noticeable residue is gone. 
  2. Elecroless Nickel, brass, & copper finishes may exhibit a patina (darkening) over time because of exposure to oils and acids. The development of patina is normal, and develops in response to the individual owner and their use environment. The original finish can be restored with a Sunshine polishing cloth (link). 
Special Instructions: Titanium
  1. A heavy lubricating "break-in" oil has been applied to the threads during assembly. When your pen is new, please be cautious of this oil getting on things like your shirt pocket. Titanium threads should never be run "dry," and you may wipe the threads to clean them, but you should not use cleaning solvents that dissolve oil. 
  2. A break-in period should be expected with the titanium pens. Titanium is a "galling" material, which means it is very intolerant of friction. Some tightness or roughness is normal, and should disappear with regular use. Over time, the lubricated thread surfaces will polish themselves and smooth out. This polishing action will "carry off" some of the titanium and produce a black residue. Remove the residue by wiping down the threads (tissue and/or Q-Tips). After the threads are broken in, a very light oil should suffice, or may not even be necessary. 

Can the Alpha accept other cartridges like the Hi-Tec C or Fisher Space Pen? 

»» Absolutely not. Versatility equals compromise. 

Like a Swiss Army Knife, "it's good for some and great for none," as a friend once said. You might need to read that again if you didn't get it the first time :) I think it's hilarious...and completely spot on.

The Alpha experience is the expression of a single purpose: be the best. This means the Alpha won't be the pen for everyone, but I'm okay with that. 

I'm a lefty, how fast does the Fineliner ink dry? 

»» The Fineliner dries wicked fast... depending on the paper of course.

On "normal" paper (printer, notebook, etc.) it dries as fast as a Sharpie. I've received the "thumbs up of approval" from several southpaw testers. If you are trying to write on something glossy, it will smear, just like most other pens. Can't have it all right? 
Material Electroless Nickel over 6061 Aluminum, C360 Brass, C145 Tellurium Copper, 6/4 Titanium
Dimensions Capped 0.5" x 5"
Dimensions Posted 0.4-0.3" (grip diameter) x 5.7"
Weight 1.2 Oz (Electroless Nickel) / 1.6 Oz (Titanium) / 2.8 Oz (Brass) / 3.0 Oz (Copper)
Compatible Refills Montblanc Fineliner or Rollerball (Monteverde Rollerball refill included, this is NOT a genuine Montblanc Refill)
Pocket Clip Aerospace Certified 6Al/4V Titanium
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