Have you signed up for Blue Label drops?

Have you signed up for Blue Label drops?

Prometheus Lights + Foursevens Hero Image

Prometheus Lights + Foursevens

23 January 2018

Some big news coming out of SHOTShow this year.

I'm very excited to be carrying on the Foursevens legacy and thank David for all he's done for the community and the industry. 

Stay tuned for more!

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BH February 21, 2018

Not selling out. Just selling the brand and assets. From the sounds of it there will be improvements made. Should be good!

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Jess Dixon February 20, 2018

Confused. Is Foursevens selling out to Prometheus Lights? Is product to be even better? Gut feeling is Disappointment. But based upon Confusion! Please explain.

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Dennis January 26, 2018


I think you should have a big sale to celebrate:)