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Maker's choice: alpha pens

These pens are our opportunity to play around a little bit. The selection always changes and we may (or may not) ever produce a specific combination again.

We are kicking off the "Maker's Choice" pen lineup with my personal preference, titanium with copper hardware! I love Ti, but I also love copper. Why not both? The copper adds a bit of weight to the front, is anti-microbial, and patinas beautifully. Titanium is...well...titanium! 

We assembled 10 pens in each style (Standard and Fountain) and they are available now. 

Included with your purchase

Alpha Pen: 

  1. Ti/Copper Pen
  2. Monteverde Blue/Black rollerball cartridge (not Montblanc) 
  3. 3mm Allen Wrench
  4. Polishing Cloth

Alpha Pen Bamboo: 

  1. Ti/Copper Pen
  2. 1x Pelikan Tanzanite Cartridge
  3. Bock Nib (choose your size)
  4. 3mm Allen Wrench
  5. Polishing Cloth

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