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A Beta QRv2 with automatic magnetic activation

it's not magic, it's science (but it's really automagical) 

Based on the renowned Beta QRv2 platform, the Beta Magnetic is designed to deliver a whole new level of Color Rendering and convenience. This project started development over a year ago and has been on my drawing board for almost four years. Time flies eh? Welcome to the future. 

The Beta Magnetic ups the CRI game with a Yuji 95+ Ultra High CRI LED. For the sake of simplicity (I think we could all use some simple right now) the light is a single mode. It's also slightly shorter than it's standard Beta QRv2 cousins. Designed for close range, this Beta variant is a "mule" as it's called in the flashlight nerd world. This delivers a perfectly even, insanely wide beam pattern by eliminating the traditional optics or reflector. All flood baby...which is exactly what you need when you are up close and personal. 

Pre-order (coming soon) !!!

The Beta Magnetic is launching via this pre-order. We are using BackerKit to run this as always. It makes things smooth for you and us as well. We'll collect your CC info now, and your card is charged when the lights are ready to ship. Right now we aren't certain of the delivery date...but it should be before the end of the year. 

  1. Limited Release: This first production run is limited to 1000 pcs. We expect these to sell fast, so don't wait ;) 
  2. Special color: we are launching our new "Spruce Grey" Type III anodize color with this release. It's a fantastic deep grey with a touch of green. I'm soooo tired of black, aren't you? 
  3. Pale Blue Batteries: this launch also features a special partnership with our friends at Pale Blue. Lights ship with a single AAA battery and 2-wire USB charger. More details below. 
  4. All sales are final: this is a discounted pre-order, so all sales are final. If it doesn't work we'll fix it, but if you don't like it...maybe you know someone that will? Tis the season you know. 

What makes the Beta Magnetic awesome?  

  1. The LED: This Yuji BC3030 G04 LED delivers best-in-class color rendering at 95+ CRI with the extended 15 step CRI measurement. It's also Yuji's newest 3030 class LED and we have early access to it! Yuji ONLY does CRI and they are the best in the world. See clearly. 
  2. Magnetic activation: Simply pull the Beta Magnetic off the QR and you get light. Put it back on the QR and the light shuts off. You can also untwist the head a 1/4 turn to shut off the light...just like any twisty light. 
  3. Single Mode:100% output and that's it. The Beta Magnetic clocks in at a modest 40 lumens, but it can sustain that for 2 hours. It's also plenty of light for close up detail work or walking in the dark. The output is limited by the current capacity of the (very very tiny) magnetic reed switch in the tail. 
  4. "Mule" design: Why is it called a mule? No idea, but that means there is no beam shaping via optic or reflector...just a perfectly even (and insanely wide) flood of light. Mules are super popular with flashlight nerds and now us regular folks can enjoy one too. 
  5. It's smaller: The Beta Magnetic is about 1/4" shorter than a standard Beta so it's even easier on your keychain. 

    Partnering with Pale Blue batteries.  

    Each Beta Magnetic ships with a single AAA Pale Blue Battery and 1 USB charging cable with two charging leads. 

    Pale Blue is a new company founded by a friend of mine from college. They make li-ion batteries that are direct replacements for standard household batteries (AAA/AA/C/D/9V) and can be recharged via an onboard USB port. Don't get confused, while these are li-ion batteries, onboard circuitry makes sure your devices gets a perfectly tasty 1.5V for as long as the battery has energy left...the same voltage as a new alkaline battery. You can use these in any device that takes the same size alkaline battery. 

    These perform almost identically to our GP NiMH batteries, but have the added advantage of maintaining a constant 1.5V for devices that are cranky about the 1.2V NiMH. Our flashlights don't care, but you might have some other devices that do. 

    We are partnering with Pale Blue because we believe in awesome and supporting fellow entrepreneurs. 


    Alkaline batteries release corrosive gas during discharge and are prone to leaking. Either one will destroy your light. 

    If you want to get the most out of the Beta-QR, you should use our GP NiMh rechargeable batteries (or Pale Blue). You can use lithium batteries, but NOT lithium-ion rechargeable. By lithium battery I mean the "camera-type" ones you can buy in the grocery store but are really expensive...which is another reason to use rechargeable batteries :)

    Battery Type AAA Lithium (disposable) or NiMH (rechargeable). NO LITHIUM ION.
    ALKALINE BATTERY WARNING: Alkaline batteries release corrosive gas during discharge and will eventually ruin your light. We DO NOT recommend using Alkaline batteries.
    Body Material 6061 T6 Aluminum with Type III Spruce Grey Anodize
    QR Material C360 Brass
    Split Ring Material 302 Stainless Steel
    Dimensions .55" x 2.7" (3.2" with QR attached)
    LED Yuji 3030 G04 Ultra High CRI 95+
    Weight 1.2 Oz (with NiMH battery)
    Output 40 lumens (single mode)
    Interface Magnetic Activation + Twist on/off
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