Beta QRv2 Chroma (Color LEDs)



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Beta chroma with color matching LEDs 

All variants of the Beta QRv2 Chroma line have color matching LEDs

We are updating the Beta Chroma line for 2019. Now all lights in this series come with color matching LEDs and Type II color anodized bodies. Specific colors can have specific uses, but they can also just be fun. Get all three RGB betas and make your own white light :) Photographers can also use these for pops of color in your shots. 

All lights are 3 mode with L/M/H levels. 

Beta 635nm RED: favored color of the Sith

This light is perfect for people who venture into the dark and need to preserve their night vision: pilots, astronomers, photographers, videographers, etc. The low mode is designed for reading up close in the dark. The two higher modes will give you more range. The highest mode is enough to light up an entire room. 

Why Red for night vision?

The "true red" 635nm wavelength reduces rhodopsin bleaching in your eyes, the effect that helps you adjust from night vision to day vision. If you are working in the dark and are exposed to bright white light, your eyes will switch over to day adapted vision. Going back to night adapted takes about 30 minutes.  

Beta 470nm Blue: favored color of the "Jedi Guardian" 

Blue is the traditional color used by stage hands. Probably because "running lights" are typically blue, and a blue flashlight will blend in better. Running-lights are kept on (at low levels) for safety. Have a theater person in you life? Show them you not only care, but that you know what's up. Some people use blue lights for map reading because it won't wash out red lines on your map. 

Beta 525nm Green: favored color of the "Jedi Consular" 

Used by wildlife photographers, outdoors people, and hunters so they don't scare off animals. It seems that most animals don't respond to green lights at night. Your eyes are also very sensitive to green light, which means you can maintain visual acuity at lower illumination levels. 

Beta 595nm Amber: favored color of the "Jedi Sentinel" 

Amber light is a compromise between red and white light. A little brighter than red (to your eyes), but still preserves night vision more than white light. Amber is considered a "high contrast" option and that's why they make sunglasses in amber tints. It's also the favored color for automotive fog lights because warm light penetrates atmospheric particulate better than cool light. Some visible astronomers also prefer amber over red lighting.
Battery Type AAA Lithium (disposable) or NiMH (rechargeable). NO LITHIUM ION.
ALKALINE BATTERY WARNING: Alkaline batteries release corrosive gas during discharge and will eventually ruin your light. We DO NOT recommend using Alkaline batteries.
Body Material 6061 Aluminum with Type II Color Anodize
QR Material C360 Brass
Split Ring Material 302 Stainless Steel
Dimensions .55" x 2.95" (3.5" with QR attached)
Weight 1.4 Oz
Output Red & Amber 9/135/520mW - Green & Blue 10/180/700mW (low/medium/high)
Interface Twist on/off
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