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(1) CR123A or (1) RCR123A

500 (900)


456 hr

1.45 (0.8) hr


The last of the Mini MKII Ti lights

During the Foursevens transition we discovered a box of finished (but unused) Mini MKII Ti parts. We decided to assemble them instead of throwing them away. These are the same as the previous MKII Ti lights, but feature a 4500K, 75+ CRI XM-L2 LED. If find this combination a great balance between total lumens and good color rendering. I don't plan to continue making these in Ti, so grab one while you can! 

Titanium threads require a break in period: Using a quality lubricant will help this immensely. Titanium is a "galling" material and tends to smear when rubbed against itself. You'll need to clean and lubricate the threads frequently during break in. Eventually the threads will polish themselves and become smoother. Don't forget to pick up some "Munky Spunk," our specialty lubricant for stainless and Titanium. 


  • Light ONLY includes a disposable CR123
  • Combo includes a Flex Charger and High Discharge RCR123 Li-Ion Rechargeable

WARNING: You must use a Foursevens branded RCR123 High Discharge battery with all Mini MKII lights, if you are going to use a rechargeable battery. The light senses the higher voltage of the Li-Ion and enables the 1000 lumen mode. Standard Li-Ion batteries cannot support the massive current drain and are dangerous to use. We've tested a variety of other "high discharge" RCR123 batteries and they failed our tests, so we had ours custom made. We can't vouch for the safety of any other batteries and recommend you do not use them. 

Developed from the ground up with enhanced Mil-Spec electronics and advanced optics, the Mini Mark II raises the bar of everyday carry lights with a never before achieved 900 lumens from our custom designed Lithium Ion battery, or 500 lumens from any standard CR123A battery. The Mark II also has a true, current-regulated sub-one lumen moonlight mode.

The Mini Mark II includes a 2-way pocket clip, detachable key ring option, and six selectable configuration modes so you can customize your MINI specifically to your needs. This is our smallest, brightest, most feature packed CR123A MINI ever. The new Mini Mark II. Radically Small, Simply Brilliant.

The Mini Mark II is initially set to Configuration 6 with Low, Medium, High and Moonlight. They can be reconfigured as often as you'd like. Here are the possible configurations:

  • Config. 1: High
  • Config. 2: High - Low
  • Config. 3: High - Strobe
  • Config. 4: Low - Med - High - Strobe
  • Config. 5: Low - Med - High - Strobe - SOS - Beacon (hi) - Beacon (lo)
  • Config. 6: Moonlight - Low - Med - High

Download Mini Mk II Manual PDF




Operating your Mini is simple. Make sure that the battery is inserted with the positive side (+) toward the head. To turn it on tighten the bezel (head) fully down. The Mini Mk II will turn on when the bezel is fully tightened and turn off when the bezel is loosened.

Dimensions Length: 2.17 inches
Body diameter: 0.8 inches
Head diameter: 0.8 inches
Weight (without batteries): 0.62 oz
LED Emitter CREE XM-L2
Voltage range 2.0V-4.2V
Spot Beam NA
Flood Beam NA
Brightness Levels With CR123A Battery:Moonlight: 0.8 lumens, 19 days
Low: 20 lumens, 29 hours
Medium: 250 lumens, 110 min
High: Burst at 500 lumens, 15 seconds then 300 lumens, 87 min
Special Modes Strobe: 2.5 hours
SOS: 4 hours
Beacon(High): 14 hours
Beacon(Low): 18 hrs
Reflector None
Body Material Grade 5 (6Al/4V) Titanium
Bezel Material Grade 5 (6Al/4V) Titanium
Lens Material TIR Optic
Water Resistance IPX8
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