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Quarks are known for versatility

Make your Quark the light you want it to be

These are Conversion Bodies ONLY: Flashlight not included & battery not included !!! 

Please see the compatibility chart for battery guidance. 

These Quark bodies should be compatible with every Quark ever make, including the newest MKIII Series. Quarks have always been known for their versatility. We are trying to maintain the ability to lego (mix & match parts) while improving reliability, usability, and performance. 

The 123 body DOES NOT have a provision for a pocket clip. 

These bodies are NOS and come with two different size replacement o-rings. Depending on your generation of Quark, you should select the o-ring size that provides the best seal. MKIII Quarks will probably need the larger o-rings. We aren't sure about older generation Quarks. 

included with your purchase: 

  1. Quark AA Body: Body + Old Style Pocket Clip + Spare O-Rings
  2. Quark 123 Body: Body + Spare O-Rings

Quark compatibility chart:

The chart below describes all possible battery configurations for the current generation MKIII Quarks. Keep in mind, the bodies available on this page are for 1xAA and 1x(R)CR123 battery! 

The QUARK QK16L MKIII will accept 2xCR123 or 2xRCR123 batteries. However, we STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST THEIR USE. Catastrophic failure can occur when one of the two cells is not functioning correctly, causing thermal runaway in the other cell. There is a significant risk of fire and/or explosion when using two cells.

We no longer sell lights that contain 2x(R)CR123 batteries for this reason. Reliability of the product and the safety of our fans is our #1 priority!

Works with All Quark lights except the Quark Smart
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