Quark Tailstand Cap



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Tailstand any Quark with the forward (tactical) clicky switch!

(excluding the Quark smart)

ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMER PLEASE! The purpose of this sale is to beta test, so we need a variety of feedback :) 

This sale is for a small batch of 5 beta test tailstand caps. First come first served. These parts are the first injection molded prototypes. The light tailstands fine, but the rubber button is a tiny (tiny) bit proud of the edge, causing very slight rocking. We are revising the mold and the cap will be extended in production models to avoid this. However, we are making these beta testers available so we can get feedback and address any additional issues. 

Beta test price is $1 plus shipping. Actual retail price will be around $5. 

The Tailstand Cap is designed to be backwards compatible with all Quarks ever made (subject to machining tolerances) but I have yet to meet a Quark where this won't fit.

Most people prefer a "forward" clicky switch that supports momentary activation. However, the "tactical" clicky switch sits proud and you can't tailstnd the light. If you did want to tailstand, you had to swap in a new switch and boot...the problem being the short switch is a "reverse" clicky and you can't use momentary mode. Problem solved! 

Material Injection molded Delrin thermoplastic
Works with All Quark flashlights with two slots in the tailcap
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