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This is what happens when you obsess about every detail

backwards compatible with various foursevens legacy lights! 

One of the products Prometheus is known for is our pocket clips. I've designed and manufactured a number of high-end titanium aftermarket clips for other lights. The US Marshalls use our titanium Surefire clips...the same clip found on all Alpha and Delta lights. Even the previous generation Preon clips are modeled after our Beta QR and Alpha Pen clip. It was close, but not perfect, so we used to make an aftermarket titanium Preon clip for $25! We sold a ton of them, but it was discontinued because this clip gets the job done at 1/3 the price.

These clips are standard on all new Foursevens lights. They are available here in case you need a spare, replacement, or you have a legacy Foursevens light that you want to upgrade. 

Over the last 10 years I've learned what works for pocket clips (and what doesn't) and put all of that knowledge into the new Foursevens clips. Made from heat treated stainless steel, all clips are designed to deliver: reliable, durable, good retention, smooth pocket engagement, and not damaging to your clothing. Clips can also be re-tensioned if they get slightly bent out of shape. 

Please note, "pocket" clips should not be worn on the belt. It's not a pocket. Belt carry creates too much leverage for any pocket clip and it will bend severely or break.  

Current clip selection: 

  1. Quark: Backwards compatible with ALL Quarks! 
  2. Preon: Backwards compatible with the previous generation Preon P1/P2. NOT compatible with the original Preon with a 100% smooth body. 
  3. Mini: Backwards compatible with the Mini MKII. NOT compatible with the MKII Turbo. 

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