Copper 20mm MCPCB



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SinkPAD blows away any other MCPCB on earth...

I'm absolutely astonished at the increase in performance these boards provide. If you want to upgrade one thing in your light, this is it. Eventually every serious flashlight manufacturer will spec a SinkPAD MCPCB. Until that time, you can either buy an Alpha light or just the MCPCB.


I've switched over 100% of my production (Ready-Made and Blue-Label) to SinkPAD bases. As far as I know, I'm the first manufacturer to use this new technology. Normally it's only found in labratory environments. I started working wtih SinkPAD 8 months ago (October 2012) to test and develop a custom made MCE board for my Alpha lights.

The technology is so awesome I decided to make a bulk order of copper boards that fit the Cree XML or the Cree XPG/Nichia 219 so modders can get their hands on some without spending a fortune on a minimum order.


SinkPAD uses a proprietary manufacturing process to mount the LED directly to the copper base material. There is NO intermediate dielectric layer like on a "standard" MCPCB. This means the LED runs cooler and brighter. A lot brighter. The most ambitious custom builders have long known that this "direct solder" method yeilds massive performance results. However, it's exceedingly difficult to accomplish. The SinkPAD "direct thermal path" changes the game. This MCPCB isn't "quite" as good as that (because of the board thickness) but it's much much better than any other MCPCB.


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